How To Get Dreki Pet in Free Fire At No Cost Rewards Advantages & Disadvantages

Free fire is a popular video royale battle gaming platform and is very popular among players. The gamers can play in multiple modes and have the choice to choose characters and pet offered by Garena in the game according to their preferences. The reason why this game is popular among streamers and gamers is that it comes with new challenges every time and also released a new pet that holds special powers and ability, which is beneficial in defeating the opponent in the game. This time too, Free fire has launched an in-game top up event named “Dreki Top-up”. In this event, a new pet called “Dreki” is introduced by Garena.

dreki pet

The event started on 3rd April 2021 and will end on 13th April 2021. Dreki has some new powers which will give an edge to the gamer over their competitors in the game and along with that other new items such as emotes and skins are also introduced in the in-game store. We will tell you everything regarding the pet including the strength and ability of and the procedure to purchase this pet and other exciting skins, So stay tuned with us.

Firstly, we are going to talk about the strength of Dreki’s character. The little dragon has the ability named, “Dragon Glare”, which allow the pet to detect its opponent behind a wall. At its most basic level, the pet can identify its enemy within a range of 10 metres, while at the maximum level, Dreki can detect its opponents within a range of 30 metres. The power will last for 3 seconds at the basic level, while at the maximum level it will last for 5 seconds only.

Now, we are going to tell you all about how you can purchase Dreki. The players are required to possess 300 diamonds in order to purchase the Dreki. This pet is not available in the store of free fire and therefore if you have 300 diamonds, the gamers can claim Dreki directly by going through the Event and then clicking on the Dreki top up tab. As mentioned earlier, Garena has introduced new skins and emotes which the gamers can easily purchase from the store of Free fire.

The following are the new elite skins and emotes released by free-fire along with the price tags.

  • At 299 Diamonds – Dragon Breath emote of Dreki
  • At 299 Diamonds – Heart-shaped emote of Dreki
  • At 699 Diamonds – Dreki’s Galaxy Pet skin
  • At 699 Diamonds – Dreki’s Zapping Pet skin

After the purchase of Dreki, the gamers can buy these skins and emotes at the free fire store and also, apart from these emotes, Garena has also released several other emotes including Play Emote, celebrate emote, Dreki’s Splashy pet Skin and Show emote. So, hurry up now, as only a few days are left and make sure you purchase Dreki’s character in order to purchase the elite skins and emotes. The “Dreki Top-up” event will end on 13th April 2021. Follow our page, for the latest updates.

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