How to make a Portfolio Website for Free

Are you a freelancer by profession and looking forward to publishing your projects online to reach more potential audiences? Then, Hurry up!! To MAKE A PORTFOLIO WEBSITE FOR FREE, provided by none other than GOOGIEHOST.

Photographers, Content writers, Graphic Designers and all those who enjoy working as a freelancer can get their portfolio website made for free with GoogieHost. With 1000+ templates and incredible uptime features, GoogieHost provides amazing portfolio web hosting features to its customers.

With that being said, let’s discuss how you can use GoogieHost services to host your portfolio website for absolutely no charge. Before we move further with the stepwise explanation to get the portfolio website hosting for free, let’s start off with a brief detail about Portfolio Websites.

What is a Portfolio Website?

Do you remember making a project file in your school days? How beautifully the first page was designed to make it look tempting, and then how cohesively the information was arranged in order to make the examiner understand the depth of research and hard work put in.

Similarly, we have a portfolio website, where all your projects, be it eye warming wildlife photographs if you are a wildlife photographer or influencing contents if you are a content writer, are put on the internet for readers and interested buyers to have a look at your fabulous works thereby enjoying greater clicks online.

So why should a professional, rendering his services as a freelancer, need to think about having a Portfolio website?

Why should you have a Portfolio zWebsite?

Portfolio website is like your online project file containing all your fantastic assignments and information related to it, which you want your buyers to get access to so that they can strike a deal with you to use your services, consequently bringing you more income as well.

For the newcomers out there, who have no idea about portfolio websites, we have tried listing a few benefits that freelancers may experience after getting their Portfolio website for free. Here they are:

  • Collection of all your works in a single website enables your clients to go through your projects in detail and that also with no need to hop to different sources.
  • Reach more viewers and buyers for your services from all across the globe over the internet.
  • Since all the processes involved, right from your clients choosing the best services, your clients trying to contact you and your clients buying your services, everything is initiated online, so there is less paper work done.
  • Attractive layouts of 1000+templates with free and excellent website building and hosting with 95% uptime provided by none other than GoogieHost, may add a cherry on top.

With so much being discussed about the portfolio website, it is true that you, being a freelancer and wanting to achieve more, may have decided to get your portfolio website made for free.

However, the question that still keeps us curious is which web hosting provider should you use to create your portfolio website. Let’s read further to know the factors to keep in mind while choosing the right Portfolio website hosting provider.

How to choose the right Portfolio Website?

To pick the right Portfolio Website builder help you create your portfolio website, one need to acknowledge these certain facts in mind:

  • Minimal or Zero costing portfolio web hosting services provided by none other than GoogieHost.
  • Should have 1000+templates with appealing and innovative layouts making a wide range of choices available to the users to choose from.
  • Visitors clicking your Portfolio website should not suffer connection outage, so for that the web hosting provider should offer 99.95% uptime as well.
  • Ads that irritate your audience in your portfolio website can make things go worse. So the websites with no ads are more preferable.
  • Lastly, For freelancers’ advantage, that should help them choose the Right Portfolio website is A Free Website Builder. It enables the users not only to save a lot of money from building and hosting websites but also to focus on creating and displaying their projects online.

Discussing all the relevant points that one needs to keep in mind before choosing the best hosting provider, one thing that fits best is GoogieHost, a free website hosting company offering a free website builder option as well.

So with everything being discussed about portfolio websites, let’s move forward with how a freelancer can create a website for free with Googihost.

Register a Domain name for your Portfolio Website?

The first step before creating a website is to first register your Domain name. So the stepwise manner in which you can get your domain registered for free are as under:

  • Scroll down to click FREE WEBSITE BUILDER

  • Press the sign up option

  • Click on the start for free option

  • Press the Proceed with the free option.

  • Type your desired domain name in the box and press the check option to get your domain name registered.

  • Please tick the checkbox for security purposes > click the checkout option.

  • Enter your personal details > billing address > type a new password for ensuring account security > tap the appropriate payment option > press the complete order option to proceed further.
  • If you already have an account with GoogieHost, then press ALREADY REGISTERED option

As soon as you press the complete order option, your domain name gets registered. So you can now easily make necessary configurations to make your portfolio website accessible to your viewers.

Let’s read further to know about the following steps.

  • Click on the services purchased by you for free on activation.

  • Press the Go to cPanel tab to login to cPanel.

  • Click the Login to cPanel account from the client area itself.

  • Press the WordPress Manager by the Softculous tab provided at the left corner of the menu bar.

  • You can Click the SitePad Website Builder to create a new website for your portfolio

  • Press the Install option to initiate the installation process of WordPress.
  • As you click the SitePad Website Builder option you can install the SitePad by pressing the install now option.

  • As you press the Install now option, your SitePad gets installed and you can choose from various templates provided by GoogieHost to beautify your portfolio website.
  • You can also install wordpress for your portfolio website as well.

Select a Friendly Template or Theme(use any Portfolio theme)

In order to make your website look appealing and eye-catchingN2, make sure to use attractive layouts from 1000+ templates provided by GoogieHost for free.

  • Press the Show all themes option to proceed further with the selection of Portfolio themes for your Portfolio Website.

Customize Your Portfolio Website

On reaching your newly designed website, you can easily add content, and media to make your portfolio engaging and appealing. Adding attractive content and mesmerizing images makes your website stand out from others.

  • Editing pages, adding new texts, and widgets can be done effortlessly by clicking the customize option on the top of the menu bar.

Create Engaging Content on your Portfolio Website and optimize for SEO

  • Your Content should be comprehensive enabling your audience to acknowledge your quality of work in one view.
  • Display your top and the most lucrative projects with high quality Images and attractive fonts.
  • List the services that you render to your clients in a summarized manner.
  • Post the feedback of your potential clients to assure your yet to be clients about what would be getting after they buy your products.
  • Including your contact info in your Portfolio website can make things perfo=ect enabling the users to establish contact with you smoothly.

Publish your site

On making necessary additions to your portfolio, publish your portfolio website online to get readers or buyers of your services from all across the world.


Having doubts is absolutely normal for our new users which requires satisfactory answers to move ahead with their decision to create a portfolio website. So, we have listed a few questions that we believe users look for before creating a portfolio website.

Does any free online portfolio maker for students?

Yes, to enable students to create a portfolio website of all their valuable projects, there are many Website hosting services that provide this feature but the best among them is GoogieHost as it not only has simple configuration making it user friendly but also all of this is available for free of any charge.

How do I create my first portfolio website?

You can create your portfolio website with SitePad provided by none other than GoogieHost, that also with a zero charge to be incurred.

Can I customize the design of my portfolio website?

Absolutely yes, you can customize the design of your portfolio website by choosing a different layout from 1000+ templates provided by GoogieHost.

Can I add multimedia elements to my portfolio website?

Yes, you can add audio, video, graphics, animation and a lot more to make your portfolio website look appealing, which is all possible by using GoogiHhost.


So we see how easily a freelancer, who is looking forward not only to get a portfolio website created but also get it hosted at the same time enabling h can easily get it done by GoogieHost, which not only provides fantastic storage and security features but also all their services come for absolutely no charge.

With no charges being incurred, a user can easily create his website and get it hosted by GOOGIEHOST. What else would you even ask for when everything is getting available for FREE.

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