ICICI Credit Card Net Banking and Bill Payment: A Quick Guide

ICICI Bank credit cards consist of a wide range of benefits and features that enhance your banking experience. Besides, the internet banking facility offered by ICICI Bank makes it all the more easy for you to manage your credit card. However, if you are a first time user you might need a little assistance to navigate your way through net banking. 

Managing your ICICI credit card requires patience and is essential for you to maintain a good credit score. With the introduction of online banking, you can handle all your banking activities from any corner of the world. ICICI internet banking provides services such as accessing your transaction details, making your ICICI credit card payment, checking your credit limit, and so on. Additionally, if you have any queries such as reward point redemption, credit limit enhancement and such others, you can get assistance through net banking. 

Here’s why using internet banking can be beneficial for you: 

For Convenient Banking

Through internet banking you can enjoy a wide range of banking services such as:

  • Checking the details of your credit card
  • Accessing your credit card statement
  • Viewing transaction history
  • Enhancing your credit limit
  • Generating a credit card PIN
  • Converting your payments into EMIs
  • Paying your taxes 
  • Checking and redeeming your reward points 
  • Activating/ deactivating auto-debit feature to make credit card bill payments 
  • Adding new credit cards or deactivating existing ones 

To Pay Bills

Whether you want to pay your credit card bill or any utility bill, you can do so through net banking. You can choose among the various bill payment options such as manage billers, quick pay and others provided by ICICI net banking. These options will help you add your billers, set reminders for payments and enrol for the auto-debit facility. This will save you a lot of time and prevent the late payment of bills that will otherwise attract late payment charges. 

To Carry Out Secure Transactions

Safety and security are among the most common priorities with regard to carrying out transactions. The ICICI Bank i-safe is a high security system that needs a multi-level authentication. This ensures safe and secure online transactions.

To enjoy the benefits of net banking, you will need to register for the net banking facility. 

If you are already an existing customer of ICICI Bank and are using their net banking feature, you need not create another account. You can just link your ICICI credit card to the existing net banking account rather than creating a new one. 

Here’s how you can register your card: 

  • Go to the internet banking website 
  • Enter your user ID and password to login the account
  • From the menu at the top, select “Service Request” under “Customer Service” 
  • A new page will open up
  • Tap on “Link my Credit Card Account to my User ID” under the heading “Credit Card” at the bottom of the page
  • Fill out details like your credit card number, email address, card’s expiration date and mobile number in the redirected page
  • Your ICICI account details will be automatically filled in
  • If you have multiple accounts, choose the one you wish to link your credit card to
  • Go through the terms and conditions and select “Submit”
  • A page with a confirmation will appear
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
  • Type out the OTP to authenticate your transaction
  • You application request will be acknowledged through the display of a confirmation message on your screen
  • Additionally, a service request number will be provided
  • Make a note of the number as it can be used to track the status of your application in case of any delays 

It generally takes one day for your request to be processed. A message will be sent to you when the card is linked and activated online. 

Once the activation has been completed, you can access the details of your credit card through the net banking portal. You can login to the account using your user ID and password and find the credit cards you’ve linked under the “Credit Cards” tab. If you have multiple ICICI credit cards, you can use this method to link all of them to your net banking account. 

If you are an existing ICICI Bank user but do not have a net banking account, you must first register and then link your card. In order to register, you will have to generate a user ID and password for your online banking account. This applies to new users as well. 

Here’s how you can generate the user ID for ICICI Credit Card Net Banking:

  • Contact the ICICI credit card’s customer care between 7 to 9pm 
  • Select “Option 2” for credit card
  • You will have to type out your credit card’s 16-digit number and the 4-digit PIN
  • Your credit card’s balance will be told to you by the IVRS
  • For “Self-Banking” you will have to select “Option 1”
  • To know your user ID, you will have to select “Option 1” again
  • You can choose to retain the provided ID or change it
  • If you want to change the ID, select “Option 3” and reset the user ID

Post user ID generation, you will need to generate the password for your net banking account. 

Here’s how you can generate your ICICI net banking account’s password:

  • Go to ICICI Bank’s online banking website 
  • Select “Get Password” from the “May I help you” section 
  • Select the ”Click here to proceed on the ‘Generate Password Online”
  • Type out your user ID and select “Go”
  • Enter your contact number and select “Go”
  • A unique number will be sent to your mobile
  • In the next step, type out the same number 
  • Post the validation of your details, a new password will be sent to you

Once you’ve received the user ID and password, you can use them to login to your net banking account and manage your credit card. 

Furthermore, you can also use internet banking to make the ICICI credit card payment

Given below are steps for you to make your credit card bill payment:

  • Go to the ICICI Bank online banking website
  • Make use of your registered contact number if you do not know your user ID or password
  • You will  have to authenticate your number using the OTP you receive on your number 
  • From the “Cards and Loans”, select “Credit Cards”
  • Opt for “Pay Bill” 
  • Type out details of your credit card
  • Choose the account that you’d like to pay from
  • Once all the details have been entered, select “Next”
  • Confirm all your details and select “Submit”

There are a number of financial services that you can use internet banking for. It is extremely convenient and hassle-free. Furthermore, you will not be charged any fee for using this service. 

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