You can’t imagine! what happens if India-Pakistan WAR occurs, War will destroy economy

You can’t imagine! what happens if India-Pakistan WAR occurs, War will destroy economy :- After the Uri Attack in Kashmir, the people of India want the war against the Pakistan. All people in India is very angry after the fatal attack on Uri Army Camp in which 18 Indian brave soldiers were killed and more than 35 soldiers were injured in the attack by the 4 militants of Jash-e-Mohammad terror group.


There is a lot of value to the anger that people of the country have. This is a symbol of the country’s awakening. This anger is of the kind of ‘do something’. When 1965 war (with Pakistan) broke out and Lal Bahadur Shastri was leading the country, similar was the feeling, anger in the country. There was fever of nationalism. Everybody was keen to do something.

India is very powerful country as compare to Pakistan. The Indian army stands at 4th position in the world and Pakistan military stands at 14th position which is very low.

Total Destruction of Life and Economy in War:

It does not matter who win the war, but both countries who are indulge in the war, should bear the side effect of the war. The economy of the country is almost destroy. The casualties and damages to the geographical structures also happen in big size.

Almost 50 crore people from both side will lost their life, if Nuclear war occurs between India and Pakistan at this time. After the Nuclear war, the radiation will leave impacts on the upcoming generation just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki city of Japan.


If war occurs between India and Pakistan, according to the military officials that India will totally destroy the Pakistan and will delete the position of Pakistan from the world map, but side effect of the war will also leave its bad impacts on India. India will be dragged back in the conditions that were thirty years ago.

After the war of 1965, 1971, and 1999, the economy of India almost was at the worst point. The prices of everything like food items, other daily uses, hiked like gold.

No one can think about the situation after the war stopped. The life becomes very hard to live in the conditions of the post-war.


What about the people who live near the border:

Life in the border villages has always been very different. Punjab has 553-km long international border with Pakistan and 1,871 villages are notified as border area villages.

A police constable from Rajoke village – Swarn Singh said that I have seen with my eyes that all the houses in our villages were made of mud because everybody feared there could be war anytime. Militancy also affected our villages most. Then Kargil happened. But despite that bitter experience, people decided to stay put in this border area and made investments. We don’t want any other war.

Local MLA – Virsa Singh Valtoha said that During the 1965 war, the Pakistan Army had infiltrated around 35 villages of my constituency and they took away whatever they could lay their hands on. You would be surprised to know that they even took away wooden doors of some homes. Ratto Ke, Mari Ke, Khemkaran, Kalas, Mian Wala, Mehdipur were among the most affected villages. There was more economic loss than human casualties as people had flee to safe places.


The local MLA further said that the Indian government should invest money on scientific techniques to seal the International border. It is not impossible to seal the border on mountains. It is better to spend money on such techniques than on war. If war happened, this time destruction will be more than your imagination.

Warning: War would bring “unimaginable destruction.”

It is true that war does not bring the happiness between the people, but it brings the tears in the eyes of the people of the countries who are indulge in the war.