Jaycee Shakur: Influencer Once Claimed to Be Tupac Shakur’s Daughter Explained!

Today we are sharing news about the controversial topic Jaycee Shakur is really the daughter of Tupac Shakur- the legendary rapper that made his place in the hearts of his millions of fans. The TikTok influencer Jaycee Shakur who claimed to be his daughter is not surfacing much on the media platforms. Where is she now and are the claims provided by her right? Tupac who was also famed by the name 2pac and also Makavali was the most influential and successful rapper presenting the social issue in an innovative way. He was a symbol of activism against inequality. The important figure of the hip-hop culture left the world in 1996. Now after many years, he is in the news because a young girl claimed that he is her father. Let’s see what’s the reality behind it and where is she now. scroll down to get the whole story.

Influencer Once Claimed to Be Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur the music legend and actor also showed his acting skills in the films like ‘Juice’, ‘Bullet’ and ‘Gang Related. The actor and rapper was known for his activism and including social issues in his creations. Now he is again making a presence in the minds of his fans of the recent controversy created by TikTok star Jaycee, who goes by the name @boogiebentley on her channels. In July 2021, she claimed in a video that ‘I am Tupac’s Daughter.

Where is Jaycee Shakur?

After her video, fans and followers started reacting to her claims. Some of the followers were trying to find out the similarities between the two and some were dismissing her claim. The netizens were shocked by her claim as publically it was not in the news of any kind that the rapper had any children. Her claim initiated the research associated with the famous rapper of his times. As she did not bother about providing any evidence to convince the people. Some people are of the view that she made those videos just as a publicity stunt to get views.

Some are still believing that it may be true as once Jaycee Shared a childhood image with Tupac with the caption ” Father and Daughter” on her Instagram handle. The image was of Tupac with his mother Afeni Shakur holding a child in her lap. Much information became prominent on media platforms after the girl’s claim. But now as Jaycee is not available on her media channels since her last post which became visible on April 15, 2022, the speculations are again rising that where is she now. We are also trying to source the info and will be back to you for more updates. Stay tuned.

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