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We have told about many players, who like to play amazing games and also, upload their streaming videos on their Youtube channel. With their gameplay videos, they earn and play with their fans as well. Today, we are going to tell you about one more player in the gaming industry, who is better known for his gaming style in Garena Free Fire. Ajay Saini is one of the most prominent and fantastic players of Free Fire, who belongs to India. He is enough popular among players and has over 539K followers on his official Instagram account. Along with this, he always streams on Youtube and creates content-related videos to share on his Youtube channel. He is also famous for his gaming name “Jonty Gaming”.

Jonty Gaming Free Fire ID

Many fans are excited to know about his favorite player and also, want to play this game with him but the situation is, they are unaware of this importance as they can play with him anytime. In this article, we will tell you some important details of Jonty Gaming, like Monthly-Yearly income, stats. Free Fire ID, and Youtube channel. So, keep reading this article, all details are given below.

Free Fire ID of Jonty Gaming

The craze of gaming is increasing and going over the sky while some youngsters like to play with their favorite player. If you want to search him in Free Fire so, you can search this ID:- 180830489. You can also add your play and play with them.

Lifetime Stats

Jonty Gaming has struggled in 15426 squad matches and won in 6093 foes in them, and achieved a winning percentage of 39.49%. He killed around 51144 enemies and managed a K/D ratio of 5.48.

While he has played 1999 duo matches and got victories in 496 matches, which gives a winning rate result of 24.81%. In all of these, he has got 6435 frags with a 4.28 K/D ratio.

The Jonty Gaming has won 693 matches from 4648 solo matches and changed its winning rate t 14.89% and got a K/D ratio of 3.51.

Ranked Stats

In this ongoing ranked season, the player has seen in 458 squad matches and got 117 victories with maintaining his winning ratio to 25.54%. He has got 1564 frags with managed his K/D ratio to 4.57.

On the other side, the creator has played 79 duo matches and won 5 matches with maintaining his winning rate to 6.32% and he has a K/D ratio of 2.81 with 208 kills in it.

At the last, he has played in 115 solo matches and won only 9 matches with a winning rate of 7.81%. He has killed 397 enemies with a K/D ratio of 3.75.


According to the details, the player has 2.76 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and along with this, he earns $1.8K to $30.9K in a month and has a yearly income of $23.1K to 380K.

Youtube Channel Rank

Jonty Gaming is just creating videos and sharing them on the youtube channel for not a very long time and he achieved a lot in this little time. He uploaded his first video in November 2018 and now, he has become popular among players. Currently, he has upload 334 videos on his channel and has around 152.64 million views on his all videos.

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