Kaahe Ki Azaadi A hindi Poetry Video on Independence Day

India Got Independence On 15 August 1947, got Freedom from Britishers, After Slavery of some hundred of Years, India Got Independence, Got Free. Martyrs Like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Ashfaqulla Khan, Rajguru and many More revolutionary gave their lives and got Freedom for this country, But What Kind of Freedom is this? Are we Really Independent? Today India launched Successful Research Centre ISRO, and Many Indians are the CEO of Multinational Companies Like Google, Pepsico and so on but on the other side we All change our route if any black cat crosses our way.

No Hair Cut on Tuesday, we give Medicine to Pregnant Ladies To Deliver a Boy Baby and Threaten about the rumour of Witches who cut the women ponytails.Against these narrow thinking and Superstitions, Kachcha Chittha Team who is Famous for their Poetry and Videos based on Social Issues wrote a new Poetry which is about Imaginary Character Ganpat Das.

73rd Independence Day 2019 Wishes

Ganpat Das is a Man of Indian Society who is Surrounded by Superstition. So the story starts in this way, GanpatBhaiya gets Ready early in the Morning and going out for work but his wife trails from back, as per Ganpat’s Superstition, whenever you are going out for any good work then nobody should trail you from a back. Ganpat Das gets very angry and yell out on his wife with many bad words and leave. On his way he finds a black cat crossing his way. Another mishappening for poor ganpat das. So the complete story has been told via beautiful poetry. You can Watch The Complete Video know more about Ganpat Das.

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