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The last group stage match of 2016 edition of Kabaddi world Cup will be played between the Thailand and Japan. These two meet on each other on October 19, 2016, in Ahmedabad. This match is going to be the initial quarterfinal between Thailand and Japan, and both teams will look to secure the place in the semi-final with Iran already qualified for the semi from Group B.



9:00 PM


Indian viewers can picket the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 on Star Sports 1 Star Sports 2 also Star Sports 3. The watcher’s from all around the world can see the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 on following channels:

United Kingdom: Sky Sports

England: Star Sports

England of America: Fox Sports

Canada: CBN

Saudi Arabia: OSN Sports

Thailand team preview

The Thailand team will walk the ground with the single motive of claiming the ticket to qualify for the semifinal stages. Thailand is currently at the second position in the points table of group B with three wins in last four matches.

The match against the Japan will be the decider as the winner will enter the semifinal stage. Meanwhile, Thailand has got the team that will easily win them matches single handily, and the captain Khomsan Thongkham will be the key in this most important match.

Apart from this, the team has star players in the form of Aniwat Phakphian, Chanwit Wichian, Phodsawi Sawangyai, Pramot Saising, and Santi Bunchoet. The stage is big, so is the team and a display o solid game of Kabaddi will easily win results the match in favor of Thailand.

Thailand squad

Khomsan Thongkham (Captain), Aniwat Phakphian, Chanwit Wichian, Phodsawi Sawangyai, Pramot Saising, Santi Bunchoet, Warit Songsri , Sarawut Hopet, Khunakon Chanjaroen, Kittichai Kanket, Peeradach ,Jantajam, Phuwanai Wannasaen, Sasithon Rungsawang, Tin Phonchoo.

Japan Team Preview

The Japan team is the another contender that can qualify for the World Cup with the win in the match. Japan is currently positioned at the third spot in the points table of Pool B with two wins in last four games and has 11 points.

The Japan team will enter the match against the Thailand team with the not only single motive of defeating the Thailand team, but they also need to contain the Thailand team below 28 points. The task is quite difficult of the Japanese player, but a bigger game makes the bigger player and here is the chance for Japan team to prove themselves.

The Japan is led by Masayuki Shimokawa and him along with Takuya Kikuchi, Yuten Kawate and Shingo Saito is the core ingredient for the success of this team.

A good all round display of game of Kabaddi will give the team an edge that will help them to claim the ticket to semi-final.

Japan Squad

Masayuki Shimokawa (Captain), Masaki Hatakeyama, Yosuke Sasaki , Takuya Kikuchi, Yuten Kawate, Shingo Saito, Shota Miura, Tetsuro Abe
Etsuki Manita, Kazuhiro Takano, Makoto Sawazu, Akamitsu Kono, Terukazu Nitta, Yasushi Nakajo


Thailand is favorite to win this match.

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