Kanpur: Three Thieves go To Steal Van, Realise None Knows to Drive

Some incidents become stories to tell as they are full of humour. The incident that we are sharing today is just an excellent example of that. Our viewers must be curious about the incident that we are talking about. The incident or the real story which is appearing comic is that three persons stole a car and none of them was aware of driving. Yes, viewers you are getting right! Then how they stole the car is the next question in our viewers’ minds, we know. The funny incident has been reported from Kanpur. How the thieves planned for theft, we are sharing in the article below. So stay tuned with us to know about the recent incident that is making the headlines today.

Kanpur Three Thieves go To Steal Van

An incident of robbery has been reported from Kanpur where three youngsters stole a Maruti van and their heist turned into a nightmare. The youngsters after realising that no one knows driving among them were shocked at first as no one asked each other before committing the crime. The matter was revealed before the police as they admitted police. Yet our viewers are suspended then how they took the vehicle from the site. Now we are sharing the amusing part that they pushed the van in darkness up to 10 kilometres and kneeled down at last.

Kanpur: Three Thieves go To Steal Van

The thieves pushed the van from Dabauli to Kalyanpur and hid the vehicle in a deserted place. They also removed the number plate. According to the police, their bodies gave up and they decided to abandon the vehicle and fled away. They did this robbery on 7th May. Now the police have arrested them on Tuesday. They have been identified as Satyam Kumar, Aman Gautam and Amit Verma. It has been revealed that the robbery was planned by Amit Verma who is self-employed. The other two are the students, Satyam Kumar is pursuing B.Tech from an engineering college in Maharajpur and Aman Gautam is a B.Com final-year student from DBS College.

The boys confessed that they were planning to sell the vehicle through a website. Further investigation revealed that a website was made by Satyam. At first, they tried to sell the vehicle in the market then came to the idea of selling it online. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bhej Narayan Singh with the team is investigating the case. The incident is very amusing but on the other hand, it reveals how students pursuing higher education are declining in their values. Stay tuned.

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