Karnataka Polls 2018: EC Seizes 10,000 Voters ID’s are Seized at Bengaluru Apartment

Karnataka Polls 2018: EC Seizes 10,000 Voters ID’s are Seized at Bengaluru Apartment: – Well, as you all may know that three days are only left for Karnataka Assembly elections and a big controversy took place today. As per the official reports, nearly 10,000 voter identity cards were recovered from an apartment late on Tuesday night. Sources are saying that the Election Commission has already ordered an inquiry into the discovery of the voter ID cards. Sources are saying that these voters’ ids were meant to be used badly in this election or it could be something big.

10,000 Voters ID’s are Seized

Also, the reports are saying that the apartment from where they git these voter ID cards was recovered and it was linked to a Congress lawmaker. Now, the BJP is demanding the election to the Raja Rajeshwari Nagar (RR Nagar) be canceled. Overall, you all should know that this controversy is not going to be good for the party and in meantime, it is going to kill the buzz which was generated by the party.

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Karnataka Polls 2018 10,000 Voters ID’s are Seized

On the other hand, Congress didn’t ignore this whole thing and they did accuse BJP of enacting this “drama” of raiding an apartment owned by a local BJP leader and planting “fake evidence”. Overall, things aren’t looking easy and this isn’t going to help anybody in this Karnataka assembly election. The state election commission swept into action and convened a press conference at around midnight.

Also, in the press conference, we have seen Karnataka’s Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar who said that the cards were found wrapped in smaller packets. Sanjiv Kumar also said that form 6A (Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll by an Overseas Elector) with a counterfoil with certain numbers were also found. He also said that the color in the counterfoil appeared unusual.

Some reports are suggesting that the commission clarified that 5 laptops and a printer were also recovered from the apartment. You all should know that “In next 24 hours we will get to know more facts based on which a firm decision will be taken,” confirmed by the Election commission.