Kashmir Car Accident: Bodies of Chittoor natives to reach Kerala on Friday Onmanorama Staff

Today, we will talk about the four Malayalis who were killed in a tragic car crash incident. This news is coming out from Palakkad and it is making headlines on the news channels. The M B Rajesh, Minister for Local Self Governments and Department of Excise stated that the bodies of Chittoor natives will be brought to Nedumbassery International Airport. Now, this news is gathering a lot of attention and creating a buzz among the people or netizens. Let us continue this article to know more about this topic and we will try to cover every single piece of information in this article.

Kashmir Car Accident

It is emerging that M B Rajesh stated in a post on Facebook that the bodies of those individuals who died in Kashmir’s car crash incident. Yes, you heard right their bodies will be brought to Nedumbassery International Airport on Friday 8 December 2023. He added, the bodies will be brought to Palakkad Chittoor in a special ambulance vehicle arranged by NORCA. The minister shared that the dead bodies are brought home at the expense of the state government. Several details are left to share related to this topic, so scroll down and continue your reading.

Kashmir Car Accident

The four deceased have been identified as Sudheesh S, 33, Anil R, 33, Rahul K, 28, and Vignesh S, 24. Reportedly, all the bodies will be brought to Kerala. An Indigo flight left from Srinagar via Mumbai at 6 pm on Thursday. It is reported that the flight will reach Kochi at 02:25 am on 8 December 2023. Six more people are other members of the group of deceased people who will be brought back home on this flight and their names are Rajesh, Sunil R, Sreejesh, Arun, P Ajith, and Sujeev. Along with Manoj Madhavan, who is undergoing treatment at Soura SKIMS Hospital in Kashmir, some of his other friends Balan, Murugan, and Shiju will also stay there. keep reading…

Reportedly, four people lost their lives in a tragic accident in Kashmir and now their bodies will be brought to Kerala by an IndiGo flight from Srinagar via Mumbai at 6 pm on Thursday. The exact details of this accident remain unclear and have not been openly disclosed. No details have been shared about the life of the deceased person. We have shared all the available details related to this topic above in this article and we will update you if we get any more information. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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