#KejriwalWithHafeez Youths angry on Arvind Kejriwal over asking proof of Surgical strike

New Delhi: Chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal who is a habitual critic of PM Modi, made it clear in his new video about 3 minutes long that I may have 100 differences with Modi, I salute him for the surgical strike. But Kejriwal asked for the video of surgical strike which Indian army carried out on the land of Pakistan along LoC in PoK.


AAP Supremo – Mr Kejriwal asked the government to release footage of the strikes which were conducted on seven terrorist launch pads or staging areas in PoK. When Pakistan army denied such action, Kejriwal says that My blood boils to see such reports.

After seeing the video of Kejriwal, the people of India are very angry on Kejriwal and saying that a democratically elected Chief Minister stands with the enemy nation in the time when whole nation stands with Army.

A Trend #KejriwalWithHafeez is trending on the social media – Twitter.

At this time, Delhi CM is the worst CM in India. He does not do anything. The only work is left for him to criticize others mainly PM of India Modi at every points.

Kejriwal is the person who does not take any ministry, but only six person control the all ministry in Delhi named as Deputy CM Manish Sisodiya who controls 11  ministry, Satyendra Jain have 7 ministry, Gopal Rai have 5 ministry, Kapil mishra have 4 ministry, Imran Hussain who is on Haz yatra, have 3 ministry, and after the arresting of Sandeep kumar, 3 ministry is empty.

Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi, but truth is that he can not do any work because he only can make fool the people of every states.

Angry youths are trending  #KejriwalWithHafeez on Twitter.  Here are some tweets: