Latest trends in graphic design mark a new era in corporate identity

Every year seems to be bringing something new to the graphic design industry, and 2018 doesn’t disappoint. While the graphic design game was upped a little in 2017, some graphic designers take their roles in the industry with seriousness and plan some great changes for those businesses that rely on them in their campaigns; for building a spotless image on the market. In 2018, the wind of change will bring some new technologies and techniques when it comes to graphic design, but will also put in the first line of defence some good-old practices. But more about the latest trends in the corporate identity industry, you will find below.

Adaptable brand identity

We live in the digital age, and we know it very well that brand identity is no longer printed and secured on paper. This opens new perspectives for personalised brand logos and a more dynamic, adaptable brand identity. Graphic design experts are today searching for dynamic systems that allow permanent modifications but preserve perfectly a recognizable design. This concept is not entirely new.The practice is quite common among television channels. ABC, MTV and BBC are using letter variations and styles for quite some time now. But the practice is slowly entering the logo part, making it easily adaptable, depending on each user’s preferences. The main difference in 2018 is that the user is the holder of technology, right in their hands. Today, the user has the opportunity to change and modify brand logos with their own stamps and personal signs. This will not only create a better and entertaining user experience but will allow the customer to feel like they are part of your brand, that they matter.Dropbox and its multi-coloured logo choice are a representative example of this mentality. While preserving the well-known logo of the company, the final user has the opportunity to personalise the colour palette, according to their preferences.

VR and AR take over the graphic design industry

Technology-based trends across an array of industries aren’t a surprise anymore. And creative teams are especially known for their constant search of cutting-edge technologies that can help them create a more personal corporate identity for the final user. And VR and AR are here to completely change the graphic design market in 2018. Virtual Reality technology can be used by graphic design teams to create more personal virtual tours for their collaborator’s offices. A real experience that will show the final user of the company’s product, the work environment and team dynamics of acompany of their choice. This will create a more personal experience.

VR and AR are taking off in 2018 and this will make this type of approach for graphic design teams more accessible. The advantages could go beyond presentation purposes: to making it possible for the final user to see how a product would look in their homes, previously to making the purchase.

A shift to more traditional graphic design practices

Whether you like it or not, not all of us are thrilled by technology’s omnipresence in our lives. In some cases, we love ourselves some good old traditional approaches to the matter. Some are putting increasing efforts to become self-taught graphic design experts but focused on the traditional part of graphic design.

The reason behind this shift of client preferences is the growing aversion people seem to develop regarding technology over-use. An inclination towards in-person experiences has recently been noticed. In many cases, corporate identity is still everything about a minimalistic sign with company’s name, an easy-to-recognize logo that pops up at a street corner,or a skilfully designed plate with your company’s name and address.

Specialist printing services have become increasingly popular, the experts claim.A physical experience becomes desired by the final user. In a world of avatars and online personas, this type of approach to graphic design and specialised printing and graphic design services becomes more and more popular. You can see a growing affinity for palpable promotional materials in both company’s case, but also in the final user’s case. Should we be surprised by a shift towards such marketing and advertising moves in the corporate world in 2018? The experts say we shouldn’t as the revolution has already begun.

Custom photography and illustration

Stock photography has its secured place in the graphic design sector. But as the tendency of making a company’s brand identity more recognizable, even when the logo is covered up or lacks, companies and graphic designers as well are more inclined to use custom photography and illustrations in their campaigns. The visual language of corporate identity is steadily growing in 2018, and while generic photographs fill online stock photo platforms, dedicated service for custom products are in a high demand.

The typeof brand, the story behind it, these all matter when creating a graphic design campaign and developing an easy-to-recognize presentation style. And brands will be everything about this kind of graphic contentin 2018. For instance, those companies that want to present multiple ideas through their visual presentation efforts go for double-exposure content. Those brands that want to put in front the rebellious nature of their company or target audience, seem to have a growing affinity for the “glitch” effect.

Creative typography

Yet another break-through in the graphic design industry marks a new era for corporate identity. Graphic designers and companies are beginning to fundamentally change the visual composition of their brands, mottos and logos. A shift towards more creative fonts in different compositions has been observed lately, as the main way to gain to the visual attention of the user. Slowly but surely, this trend will be soon adopted by an increasing number of companies.

A strong, creative visual identity is the cornerstone of a successful business, and CEOs know it very well. In their continuous efforts to built that strong brand identity, more and more companies try to find the perfect balance between old and new, between traditional practices and cutting-edge technologies.

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