Long & Heavy Traffic Jam Deepali Chowk To Peeragarhi Photos Videos

Long & Heavy Traffic Jam Deepali Chowk To Peeragarhi Photos Videos :- The traffic jam has been one of the most severe problems in India. This is pretty common if you are active on the roads of India and you get stuck in heavy jams for a couple of hours.


Well, jams, especially in the month of August, is something else as this month has a couple of Indian festivals. And, as these festivals are coming a nearby day, so we will witness more traffic jams on Indian roads.

And when it comes to traffic jams, then no other country than Delhi has highest numbers of traffic jams.

Although, capital is one of the richest states of India, and it ranks first whether it in the most developed city or highest business state.


Well, this is a weekend of the festival and there is lot of  bustling crowd in capital. And today, we have witnessed one of those traffic jams in the way from Peeragardhi to Deepali Chowk.

This traffic jam has been there for the last couple of hours and it looks ,like, it will almost take next couple of hours.

But the surprising element about this jam is that despite the construction of the short highway which was constructed two years ago and was introduced for the citizens of Delhi like one year ago.

Well, it also shows that the numbers of the vehicles in Delhi is keep on the rise. Even the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal started the odd-even formula, that compromise of running the odd number vehicle on the odd day of the month and even number vehicle on the even date of the month.

But, the citizens of Delhi showed their disinterest in the vehicle, and thus, Kejriwal decided to not extend odd even formula for a long period of time. Although he has applied this formula for two times and surprisingly both time, it gave expected results.

It looks clear that we all have to stand out and must ask ourselves to come first and should contribute to the Indian government in resolving this severe problem.