Madhya Pradesh: Man Kills His Minor Daughter Over Her Demands For Chocolates

Sometimes it feels hard for us to share some bitter stories that we come across. It feels very tough when we get to know about some realities that are prevailing due to extreme poverty in our country. The tragic news that we are sharing with you has been reported from Madhya Pradesh. It has been reported that a man has killed his little daughter over the demand for chocolates. It must be seeming painful because it is. A young child who demanded chocolates from his father was murdered by his father itself. The news is so horrifying that it has shocked the people. The people are shattered and devastated by the news that is coming as headlines today. Go through the whole article to get the entire information on the news.

Madhya Pradesh

The brutal incident has been reported from the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. A man has been arrested for killing her eight years old daughter. The incident is shaking the conscience that how can a father kill his own daughter just for demanding chocolates from him. The news has shattered the people. Reportedly, A 37-year-old man, who upon investigation has been found to be a drug addict admitted that he killed his daughter. He told the police that he crushed her head with stones.

Man Kills His Minor Daughter Over Her Demands

The accused told that he is living in extreme poverty conditions and his daughter was frequently asking for chocolates, toys and clothes so he wanted to get rid of the problem forever. He upon interrogation told that he took his daughter near an under-construction building and killed her. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rajesh Kumar Singh told that the accused is extremely depressed and his wife left her three years back. The accused also told that presently he was living with his mother and daughter and the daughter’s repeated demands agitated him. The accused mother used to beg in the nearby temples.

The shameful and shocking incident has shaken the people. The police officials told that he must have committed the crime under the influence of drugs. The incident has highlighted the need for the eradication of Poverty and addiction in our country. We came across so much news like this every day. If we analyse these, a huge per cent cases are because of poverty and addiction as the root cause. These real bitter stories demand real united efforts of people who feel concerned for the real development of our country. Feel free to share your concerns. Stay tuned.

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