Maharastra: Shiv Sena demands guidelines on ‘Pokemon Go’ game

Maharastra: Shiv Sena demands guidelines on ‘Pokemon Go’ game :- Now the Indian political party Shiv Sena wants to guidelines for the Pokemon Go which is free-to-play location-based augmented reality smartphone game, because of it’s a too dangerous for the teenagers who so much involved in this game to find out the Pokemon outside the home and unfortunately going to unprotected places and likely to meet with accidents.

pokemom go

According to reports, Where political party Shiv Sena has requested to the Maharashtra state to circulate the careful guidelines on performing the enlarged location-based augmented reality smartphone game “Pokemon Go“.

While, in order to play this ‘Pokemon Go’ game, one wants to continually have the GPS mode on and keep on walking in hunt of the Pokemon. The game involves grabbing the Pokemon anywhere one gets it and finish it.

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To get the Pokemon, juniors and teenagers keep on walking even at night and As the series is really famous on TV channels.

All school teenagers and university students are performing it walking on the roads running in all areas.

Also said that children walk into unsafe areas while hunting Pokemon and are likely to face with accidents. They might further ignore where they are at that time.

The MLC given the statement , While in the Indonesia, where one person while operating the game arrived an army base although in Kuwait the authority has halted to downloading the game Applications as it can make valuable data going out.

Also in the location Guatemala , Where two children were discharged against as they entered a deserted area.

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In Arizona, a medical school announced e-mails to all students about exercising cares while operating the Pokemon Go play, demanding the issuance of careful guidelines for operating the game.

Where Pokemon Go, published in various sectors of the world this month and offers use of GPS and the camera.