Sonic Mania Trailer! Announced for Xbox One, PC, & PS4 Release Date, Latest Update

Sonic by Sega soon will be celebrating their 25 years in the market and on this day they wanted to do something special therefore they will be coming up with their latest franchise of games expected to be released in spring season 2017. This latest game will be supported on Xbox One, Play station 4 and window PC. We are talking about “Sonic Mania”.

Play station 4

We have got the latest update regarding this game from the last night’s comic con event which is being held in San diego. This 2D game is soon going to knock the doors of the gamers with its Sega Genesis days. This game will include three characters: Sonic, Miles “Tails” Power and Knuckles.

Though Sonic will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year only but the game is not going to launch before the spring of next year but one should not be disappointed as the game’s developer i.e Christian Whitehead and remasters of the franchise and Headcannon are taking their time so as to get the things right.

About Sonic Mania:

This game is being launch on the 25th anniversary of the company and it is going to encompass more capabilities and exciting world to explore. Just like its previous version it will comprehend classic stages which will be spiced up by the addition of “new twists”.

Officials said in the comic con event that this game can be played at the time of event itself. Sega has also launched the trailers in which one can see that Mania looks quite similar to the old school game in addition to chip tune music and their trademark hyper-colorful pixel art style. Apart from keeping the old 2D style like going fast, collecting rings, moving fast from left to right etc Sega has also introduced some new moves like drop dash and new levels.

Few additional details more have surfaced up like this time Sonic Mania will “Reimagine” the levels from its previous series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles.

Here is the link of the Sonic Mania trailer:

Looking at the trailer one can’t stop their excitement to put this game instantly on their Television set. It has everything like new drop dash move, letting one speed right away from the level’s slower moments and three playable characters. Finally Sega has hit the right cord and it seems promising and deliver similar feeling just like we had the at the time of Genesis.

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