One more case of Harassment in Delhi, Man started Masturbating in front of a girl in a public bus

One more case of Harassment in Delhi, Man started Masturbating in front of a girl in a public bus: A shocking as well as shameful incident took place in Delhi on a public bus ride. The ride in a public bus for a girl in Delhi became terrifying when a man in the same bus purportedly started masturbating in front of her. On Tuesday, this event took place when the girl was traveling from Kapashera to Vasant Kunj.

Man allegedly masturbates in Delhi bus thrashed by girl arrested

According to the girl, the man started masturbating in front of her and when she shouted at him to stop he didn’t react to her and neither even stopped and unashamedly continued his action.

She also added that she was completely surprised as well as disappointed by the fellow passengers as they didn’t even stood up for her and didn’t reacted much in order to stop that person. She then finally stood up and started beating him after that she also called up the police.

The women told a news agency “No one on the bus helped me even when I was beating him. I had to do everything on my own”.

The police then arrived at the crime scene and arrested the accused which was arrested in his drunken condition.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vijay Kumar told the news agency that the alleged was fully drunk at the time of happening.

Mr Vijay Kumar said “He used force and tried to grab her hand” he further added by saying “He masturbated in front of her. There were 25-30 passengers in the bus. She confronted him and sought help from other passengers but none came forward to help her”.

The man is recognized as Mukesh Kumar Ranjan, who works with an event management company in Delhi. The accused is now been in the custody of the police and is being investigated.

This kind of sexual harassment such as touching, flashing, masturbation, etc. in public places and especially on public transport are very common to see.

This is not the first time that such kind of things happened in national capital, Delhi. There are various incidents related to this case when the girls are sexually abused or harassed in the public place where people do nothing instead of watching the scenes. You can find various videos related to this when someone is abusing the girl and people are not taking any step not even reacting to the happenings.

Meanwhile police is doing its interrogation with the accused and has lodged a FIR against sexual harassment. The accused will be soon presented to the court for its allegation of charges.