Trump freezes $1.66 billion security assistance to Pakistan, Says nothing good was done by Pakistan

Trump freezes $1.66 billion security assistance to Pakistan, Says nothing good was done by Pakistan: You all should know that the United States of America has suspended the 1.66 Billion assistance to Pakistan. Some reports are claiming that President Donald Trump has said that they aren’t interested in this assistance anymore because it isn’t helping the USA. Some of you might want to know that the US President of America has already indicated earlier about this whole thing. We have expectations that things aren’t going to be okay for Pakistan because they already are on debt.

Trump says Islamabad has done nothing for them, freezes $1.66 billion security assistance to Pakistan

A spokesman of the Department of Defense, Col Rob, said, “USD 1.66 billion of security assistance to Pakistan is suspended,”. They gave this statement in an email response which was asked by the reporters on Tuesday. You all should know that know that the no further breakdown of the suspended security assistance to Pakistan was provided. They aren’t saying anything much about this only indicated that they have deleted it.

Well, reports are coming that the David Sydney, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia back when Obama was president claimed that the blocking of military assistance to Pakistan, which began in January of this year is a strong signal of American frustration.

Also, the reports are coming that the US President Donald Trump has reiterated that the US $1.3 billion aid to Pakistan will remain suspended till the country does not act against militant safe havens inside its territory. Also, the way things are going for Pakistan we don’t think that it is going to do anything better for Pakistan. Trump said that people in Pakistan knew that Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda leader, was living in a mansion near their garrison city of Abbottabad, but they never said a word about them.