Man Arrested for Downing Street Car Crash Released Charges Explained!

Recently, a man was arrested for doing street car crashes but later he was released. Now, the man has been arrested again and this news become the topic of discussion. This news is running in the headlines of the news channels and rapidly circulating on many social media pages. Many people are hitting the search engine to know more about this tragic crash and about the man who is involved in this accident. Let us know the entire information about this crash and also talk about the man in this article, so read continuously and completely.

Man arrested for Downing Street car crash

According to the reports and sources, the arrested man is identified as Seth Kneller who is currently 43 years old man and facing crime charges. He was arrested earlier this week and charged with criminal damage or a dangerous driving crash. His car crashed into the gates of 10 Downing Street and he was arrested for this crash but later he was released pending further investigation. Now, he is again arrested on an unrelated charge and going to appear in court on Saturday. After his arrest and being charged with making indecent images of children, now he will appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court. Swipe up and read and continue to know more about this crash.

Man Arrested for Downing Street Car Crash

It is also shared that he was remanded in custody until his next court appearance on 23 June 2023 at Southwark Crown Court in London. He is re-arrested and charged with an unrelated matter of making indecent images of children and appeared in custody on Saturday 27 May 2023 at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. It is confirmed by the police that this car accident is not being treated as a terror-related incident. As per the reports, this car crash was so terrible and police began an investigation after this crash.

It is shared that this accident took place on Thursday and the man was arrested on the same day by the armed officers on duty at the British Prime Minister’s office. There is a CCTV video also coming out on the internet sites. In this video, it seems that a small silver car crashed into the gates. Currently, no information is coming out that anyone was injured in this crash. This crash news is currently running in the trends of the internet sites and many social media users are sharing their reactions to this crash. The investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared yet and we will update you soon after getting more news. Stay connected to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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