Mann ki Baat: 21st Sept 2019 Narendra Modi Urges People To Travel, Celebrate Nari Shakti this Diwali

In his monthly radio address “Mann ki Baat” today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the citizens of the country to share happiness with the deprived people, celebrate women empowerment and travel across the country during this festive season.

Mann ki Baat 29th September 2019

Beginning his radio address by extending his birthday wishes to the veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar. Airing his telephone conversation with the singer whose birthday was on Saturday, PM Modi said: “There would hardly be anyone who does not show utmost regard for Lata Mangeshkar ji. She is elder to most of us and has been a witness to different eras in the country. We address her as ‘didi’. The turns 90 today.”

During the conversation, the singer thanked the prime minister for his wishes and said that with Modi in power, the picture of the country has been changing.

Speaking on the festival celebration, the PM said, “On one hand, when we experience the ‘Delivery In’ of sweets and gifts, let us think for a moment on the process of ‘Delivery Out’. At least in our homes, items that are in excess and thus not required anymore could be allocated for ‘Delivery Out’.”

He further added, “In many cities, many NGOs have formed start-ups for this endeavor. They collect clothes, sweets, food from homes and then deliver them to the needy. Can we, this time, during the festival season, dispel some of the darkness beneath the lamp with due awareness and resolve? The smiles on the faces of numerous underprivileged families will more than double your joy during festivals.”

Narendra Modi Urges People To Travel

Modi also asked the public to “honour and feel proud” of girls while claiming the success of the ‘Selfie with daughter’ initiative of the Centre in 2017. He also urged the nation to celebrate their daughters and launched the #bharatkilaxmi mission.

Supporting the decision to ban e-cigarettes, the PM said, “There is very little awareness among people about e-cigarettes. They are completely unaware of its danger and for this reason, sometimes e-cigarettes find their way into homes out of curiosity. Further, people who consume tobacco are vulnerable to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure.”

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