WATCH: Bodycam Footage Showing The Arrest Of Matthew Reilly

In our daily life, every day lots of videos are uploaded on the internet and many of them went viral because of their different kind of content. Similarly, there is a video on the internet that is getting so much attention and popularity among netizens. This viral video featured Matthew Reilly who seems to be arrested. This bodycam footage went viral and he is the city councilman of Rhode Island. After his arrested various are arrives related to his arrest and people continue hitting the search engine to know more about his arrest, so we made an article and shared the entire information related to him here.

Matthew Reilly Bodycam footage

WATCH: Matthew Reilly Bodycam Footage

According to the reports, he was detained because of drug possession. There is bodycam footage of police shared on the internet by the Law&Crime on 19 May 2023 and this video is continuously crossing a large number of views on the internet and social media pages. He was arrested on 15 May 2023 and later this video was shared which is currently running in the trends of the news and internet. He was caught by the police when they asked about having drugs in his car. He refused to have drugs in his car. Although, the police discovered crack cocaine in the center of the car.

He was the city councilman of Rhode Island and now facing charges of drug possession. He was arrested for drug possession. The running time of this video is 9 minutes 47 seconds and this viral video is easy to watch on the Youtube platform. This viral video shows him and two police officers. Later, they continue their talking and police found cocaine in his car. He seems like he wanted to overcome his drug addiction and he also shared that relapsed into drugs because of his divorce. Scroll down to know more about him.

After coming out of this video, this video was shared so many and currently running n the trends of the internet sites. Lots of people have shared their reactions to this viral and expressed thier responses by commenting and posting on social media pages. As per the sources, the police are continuing their investigation but not much information has been shared related to his arrest and this topic. We will update our article after getting other information related to him and mention it in our article. Stay connected to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics of the daily world.

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