Maui Veterans Highway Accident One Man Killed During Accident: Says Reports!

A very serious and harsh collision happened on the Maui Veterans Highway where the Maui police acknowledge that high speed is an element in a fatal head-on motor vehicle collision that happened in the early morning by which a 54-year-old Kīhei man lost his life. The Maui Traffic Accident was too serious and harsh as the person who was in the vehicle lost his life and passed away to another world sustaining serious injuries on the body. The nearby people who witnessed the accident rushed to the spot to find out what actually occurred and happened at the spot and to rescue the person who was involved in this serious accident. The police and the emergency services have also reached the spot to find out what happened at the scene and then they started finding the cause of the accident and took the person to the hospital for getting quick aid for the injuries he got in the accident. Stick with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the accident.

stay tuned with us for more details and information about the accident

The whole crash and collision were happened at around 8:36 AM on Monday 24th January 2022 on the Maui Veterans Highway which is about 1,252 feet north of Kealia National Wildlife Refuge Road. The police stated that a white 1995 Toyota Corolla four-door sedan which was heading north on Maui Veterans Highway suddenly crossed left of center into the grass median and onto the southbound lanes of travel and then the Toyota then crashed into a white 2006 Sterling tractor-trailer moved south within the outermost lane of Maui Veterans Highway.

The male driver of the Toyota carried life-threatening wounds by which he died and passed away at the spot while the driver of the tractor-trailer carried non-life-threatening injuries and was later, taken to the Maui Memorial Medical Center Emergency Room for quick treatment. According to the statement of the police, the airbags were exerted in the Toyota and the use of drugs and alcohol are delaying toxicology reports.

The identification of the person who died at the spot while the other one who sustained minor injuries is still not revealed and disclosed by the officials but surely it will be revealed very soon by them. The Maui Traffic Accident is still under the investigation and the full statement about the accident will reveal very soon, till then stay tuned with us for more details and information about the accident.

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