OSU Wrestler A.J. Ferrari Car Accident Serious Condition After Car Crash At Monday Night Check Bio Images & Health Report

OSU Wrestler A.J. Ferrari Car Accident Serious Condition After Car Crash At Monday Night Check Bio Images & Health Report! The recent news is coming related to the accident of famous and reputed American wrestler “AJ Ferrari.” He has met with an accident that has resulted in giving him some severe injuries. He is in a hospital and recovering from the injuries. The news of his demise earlier was shared on the internet by his father by the personal Facebook account of his father on the internet. The incident took place in the East Perkins along Highway 33 of Oklahoma, the United States.

OSU Wrestler A.J. Ferrari

The car of the wrestler went completely destroyed and the same happened to another vehicle. The news has surged a spate of prayers on multiple social networking sites for the faster recovery of the wrestler. Right after the accident, the road was blocked for the general mass for rescue purposes.

No sooner did the news of the accident come to the reach of police than the Parkins police approached the accident spot with paramedics and ambulance. The Chief of the Perkins Fire Authority “Joe Barta” disclosed that the police reached the scene at 9:30 PM. The other passengers are also seeming to be safe. It is expected that this mishap was hazardous but there was no loss of life. The wrestler was taken to the hospital by a helicopter ambulance so that he could be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible for them.

The news came to the attention of the public when the father of the wrestler shared a post on Facebook about the unfortunate incident with his son. He states that his son is in such a condition that he needs the prayers of people to get well soon. If people look at the accident vehicle, people may think that no one would sustain the accident. Although his son is out of danger yet he needs the blessings to get back to his profession. The Parkins Police Department is investigating the case so as to know the cause of this misadventure.

Who is AJ Ferrari?

He is a professional wrestler in America. He wrestles in the category of 197 pounds. He has won a bronze medal in Collegiate Wrestling 2018. He has also made his country proud in NACC Division Wrestling Championship in 2021 in St. Louis and Tulsa with gold medals. He was born in Dallas, Texas, the United States on 24th July 2001. He is 20-year-old. He is an Italian American. His birth name is Albert James Ferrari Jr.

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