Messi hat-trick record as Barcelona hit Celtic for seven

Messi hat-trick record as Barcelona hit Celtic for seven :- The Barcelona has the perfect start to their Champions League campaign by thrashing the Celtic by 7-0. The Celtic has witnessed the storm of Messi and Neymar, who just brought the storm on the football ground by their brilliance.


Messi registered a brilliant hattrick and Neymar claimed four assists to take their team to victory line with the big margin. Meanwhile, it was the first time in this season when the trio of Lionell Messi, Jr. Neymar and Saurez played together for Barcelona.

And, soon all of they make their presence felt in the game. The Messi gave his team the immediate 2-0 lead before the half time, where the first goal was smashed just withing the first three-minute of the game. Messi’s first goal set the tone for the rest of the match where Neymar and Messi showed why they are considered to be the best in the world.

Meanwhile, it is was a much-needed win for the Barcelona to return from the shameless defeat in the last match against 2-1 defeat to Alaves. Although, Messi did not play that game, but he was really hurt from that defeat.

Messi completed his 6 overall hat-tricks of Champions League and for the 6 hat-tricks, credit should also be given to the unselfish Saurez who gave a Messi a brilliant pass to let him reach another landmark.

Well, Barcelona has back and back with the bang. And, now Barcelona has the momentum with them and now, they just need to continue their winning streak.