Miscreants pelted stones at India’s fastest ‘Train 18’ during trial run

Miscreants pelted stones at India’s fastest ‘Train 18’ during trial run: On Thursday, Train 18 which is the Railways’ fastest train was attacked with stones for the duration of a trial run between Delhi and Agra. This fastest train is planned to be signalled off on 29th December 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India’s fastest, Train 18, pelted with stones, Rs 100 crore train damaged


  • Some miscreants threw stones on the train that damaged one of the windows on one side, an official said
  • Railways appealed to the public to desist from damaging railway property that has been essentially made for their convenience

According to the sources the budget of this fastest train is around 100 crore and during the attack the window of one of the coaches was damaged.

After hours of that incident held, the Railways authorities pleased to the public to discontinuing from damaging property of the railway that has been basically made for their suitability and accessibility.

ICF spokesperson G V Venkatesan said on that incident that, “Today, when the speed trials were being conducted for Train 18 between Agra and New Delhi, some miscreants threw stones on the train, that damaged one of the windows of the Train 18 on one side.”

Train 18, is the first engineless train of our country which has been manufactured by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai. The train recently turn out to be India’s fastest train with the fastest speed crossing over 180 kmph for the period of a test run on a sector of the Delhi- Rajdhani track.

The train is going to substitute Shatabdi trains and it will run between Delhi and Varanasi track route.

The spokesperson said, “Such act of vandalising the public property such as trains, railway stations, are condemnable, in particular, a prestigious brand new train such as Train 18. Public are requested to desist from vandalising railway  properties including trains, railway stations and defacing them. After all, it is the public property that belongs to them”.

According to the officials the investigation is going on and will soon come to the conclusion with a success.

The General Manager of the ICF also expressed his views on this incident on social media by tweeting, “Train 18 running at 180 km/h between Delhi and Agra at this time… Srinivas, the Chief Design Engineer of ICF is in the cab, they touched 181 kmh for record sake… Some vandal threw a stone breaking a glass, hope we nab him”

The shining blue edged train comes built-in with conveniences and facilities on same level with the finest in the world. The train not only gives its passenger a faster journey but also provides many facilities such as on the train WiFi to a GPS-based traveller data structure, LED lighting, bio-vacuum toilets, mobile charging sockets and a weather regulator system where the passenger can regulates the temperature according to tenancy and weather.

The train will have two exclusive sections and each will have 52 seats and the trailer coaches will have 78 seats each. The exclusive class will have spinning seats to counterpart the track of the train.

According to plan, the train will start at 6 am from New Delhi station and is anticipated to reach at 2 pm in Varanasi, but the plans are unsure it will be cleared on its launch date. On the same day, for the coming back passage, the train will start from Varanasi at 2.30 pm and will reach Delhi at 10.30 pm.

The Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is also enthralled with the achievement of Train 18 during trials. He has also recently asked ICF to construct four additional related rakes in the present financial year.