Missing Woman Found Alive In Submerged Jeep Wrangler In Texas Lake, Texas Cops

Today we are going to discuss a missing woman found alive in Jeep that sank in texas lake. All peoples are very curious to know about the full news of that woman because this is very big news for all people who want to know how her jeep sank into the lake. A fisherman and a tow truck worker found that woman in a lake then a fisherman and a tow truck worker pull a woman from a submerged jeep in an east Texas lake on April 7, 2023. What started as a rescue mission for a jeep that was submerged in a Texas lake soon turned into a rescue mission after witnesses spotted a woman trapped inside the vehicle.

Missing Woman Found Alive In Submerged

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said it received a call Friday morning from a fisherman who said he saw a black Jeep underwater around 40 feet off the shore of Lake Pines in east Texas. Photos released from the sheriff’s office show the vehicle almost completely dunked underwater with only a small portion of its roof visible above the lake’s surface.

Missing Woman Found Alive In Submerged

Deputies arrived at the scene, followed shortly after by a local wrecking service to lower the Jeep back to the ground. The fisherman who made the call waited for authorities to arrive in the area and used his boat to help a tow truck crew prepare the jeep for removal. The sheriff’s office wrote in a Facebook post that when two men came to the Jeep, they “discovered that one person was still in the vehicle and was moving.” A fisherman and a tow truck worker helped the woman into the boat, which was photographed by the sheriff’s office.  The woman who was rescued was not identified by police. Marion County reported she was safely brought back to land and transported to a local hospital.

Police later resolved that the woman found in the dunked jeep was listed as a missing person at the nearby Longview Texas Police Department. Longview police declined to identify the woman, noting the circumstances of the case. It is unclear how long the woman had been missing before being rescued from the lake. Local announcer KHOU reports she had been missing for two days since Wednesday, while NPR writes she was reported missing hours earlier on Friday. The reason for the contrast is unclear. Officers did not say how long the jeep was in the water or how it sank. No additional details about the incident have been released.

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