Modi Government Recruit 2.2 Lakh Central Government Employees In 2 Years

Modi Government Recruited 2.2 Lakh Central Government Employees In 2 Years :- Today PM Modi announces that their party will add 2.2 lakh employee in the central government. Modi always believes in the maximum number of governance . The records are saying that the number of  employees increases after the BJP government comes in power.

Modi central government recruitment 2016

Modi central government recruitment 2016

The number of staffs in central government on 1 march 2015 was 33.05 lakh and the number increases from 33.05 lakh to 34.93 lakh in 2016 and Modi government announces to increase it more. BJP government mostly tries to increase the number in railway department as the reports said that railway has not added a single worker in last 3 years.

As reports said 70000 employees will add in the revenue department which comprises income tax ,custom and excise. BJP leaders said that they will increase  301 employees in cabinet secretariat department. Cabinet Secretariat is a very small department.

As a slogan called by the BJP before the election that “Achhe din aane wale hain” so that the good days come for those 2.2 lakh people who get job in it. The Modi government wants to fill the vacancies as fast as possible to work fast.

As news coming from sources that most number of employees will increase in department of revenue. Well lets wait the opposition reactions on this news and yes we simply wanted to see India progress