#ModiKillingMNREGA: BJP Govt trying to underplay rural distress

#ModiKillingMNREGA: BJP Govt trying to underplay rural distressThe trend #ModiKillingMNREGA is trending on the social networking site Twitter and it is at number 14 in India. Through this trend, Congress says that Modi Government is trying to uderplay rural distress.

Congress targeted the Central Government by latching on to reports that WhatsApp groups were used by the Rural Development Ministry to tell the states to stop generating work under MGNREGA.


As per the media reports that the rural development ministry used an off-record WhatsApp chat group to tell states not to generate more work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in the drought year, noticing a steep rise in demand for work under the programme.

The reports claimed that the ministry had told the officials of the state that the mad race for generating work under MGNREGA could not continue. They also warned that more funds would not be made available soon and that states should plan more judiciously with the money they had already received.

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