#ModiSuit enters Guinness World Records, sold at auction for Rs. 43,131,311

#ModiSuit enters Guinness World Records, sold at auction for Rs. 43,131,311 : Prime Minister Narender Modi has been the style icon of India sin last two years. His clothing and style has not attracted Indians but also to the people from across the India.


But, Modi’s one outfit created a lot of buzzes that he wore during his famous interaction chai pe charcha at the Hyderabad House with the US Presiden  and that suit was seemingly a normal dark blue, in which the Prime Minister’s name printed all over the suit in tiny block letters.

Congress party opposes this thing and asked Prime Minister why did he need to wore 10 lakh rupees suit. Although, Modi explained to them that suit was gifted by one of the colleagues of him, but Congress blamed him and even called him ‘fashionist.’

After that Modi decided to put that suit in action and he did same and that suit went for the bid of a massive amount of Rs. Rs. 43,131,311 crores and that surprised the whole world.

And now the latest news is coming out that ‘Modi Suit’  has entered Guinness World Records for being the most expensive suit sold.


Meanwhile, Diamond merchant Lalji Patel bought the Modi Suit and told media wing that he always wanted to so something for India and today he purchased India’s leader suit and is happy to know that the all the sum amount of this suit will go into the “Ganga SwachBharat Abhiyan” which is the initiative to clean the holy river Ganga.

Well, Modi again created history and this time he went straight into the Guinness World Record book. For, now another record came to India and knowing Modi he must be feeling happy right know.