Monsoon Session LIVE: Amid No-trust Motion Shadow, PM Modi Says Govt Ready for Discussion on All Issues

Monsoon Session LIVE: Amid No-trust Motion Shadow, PM Modi Says Govt Ready for Discussion on All Issues: The Monsoon session of the Parliament has been started today. the opposition and The existing government already have planned their strategy for both houses of Parliament.

Monsoon Session LIVE

The Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha, both houses will have some important and key bills being listed. Sumitra Mahajan, the Lok Sabha Speaker and Venkaiah Naidu the Rajya Sabha Chairman have appealed to political parties and MPs to stop blaming each other and to make sure that the Parliament functions should be goes on without any unnecessary disruptions.

Mr. Naidu told that the smooth functioning of Parliament is a shared responsibility of the ruling and opposition parties. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan also urged Lok Sabha MPs not to disturb the proceedings, saying it stalls important legislations and gives India a bad name which is not good for the nation’s parliament.

The current session of parliament is all set to have around 18 sittings which come to 108 hours of potential work. Excluding the Question Hour and the Zero Hour, 62 hours is all set to be available for the government agenda.

Rajya Sabha adjourned

Prior uproar by the several opposition members, M Venkaiah Naidu, the Rajya Sabha Chairman has adjourned the house till 12 noon.

Uproar in Lok Sabha over mob lynching

The monsoon session of Parliament is underway in Lok Sabha prior to the quoted and sloganeering by members of opposition over recent and current cases of the mob lynching, which is suddenly, became very common in India.

Oath by new members in Rajya Sabha

Classical Dancer Sonal Mansingh, Author Rakesh Sinha and Sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra also take oath as nominated members of Rajya Sabha.

Government ready for all discussions: PM Modi

This is expected that the Monsoon session of Parliament functions smoothly, whatsoever, issues any party has, it can rise on the floor of the house. Government is ready to discuss each issue of the nation. Many important decisions for India’s development will be discussed in the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

“We hope for good suggestions and discussions from all experienced members”, says PM Narendra Modi.

PM Narendra Modi arrives in Parliament

Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister has arrived in Parliament in order to take part in the Monsoon session. He is likely to address media also very soon.

CPI gives adjournment motion notice in Rajya Sabha

MP D Raja of the Communist Party of India (CPI), has given an adjournment motion notice in Rajya Sabha.  The notice has been given to discuss issues related to of mob lynching and attack on Swami Agnivesh.

RJD gives adjournment motion notice in Lok Sabha

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has given the notice for an adjournment motion in Lok Sabha. The notice has been given by RJD MP JP Yadav in order to discuss the issues related to Mob Lynching, reports ANI.