Must Read : A Hard-Hitting Message to all the Employees

Must Read : A Hard-Hitting Message to all the Employees : We all love to enjoy delicious food in each meal but what about the leftover. Whenever we start feeling full we just left the remaining food. There are lots of people outside who even doesn’t get a one-time meal, starve hunger and even dead due to starving.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) applied a remarkable idea that will hurt you deep whenever you waste or left food in your plates next time you eat. At the workplace, TCS posted a notice in its Bengaluru office’s food court.


The notice shows the amount of food wasted yesterday which can feed a crowd of people who starve hunger.

We all should also take an initiative like this and stop wasting food so that we can feed up those who doesn’t even get a meal for several days.

In India, nearly 3000 children die every day due to hunger. Stop wasting food and start sharing your leftover food at parties and offices to those who even can not afford a meal.

Nowadays even there are some agencies that pick up leftover excess food from parties and weddings. You can also donate your food and feed to those poor and homeless people.

Take an initiative so that you can help people and also make you feel proud of yourself.