New consumption patterns among middle-class Indians

Winning a lottery can be a life-changing event. The dream of being able to make an improvement in your life by just buying one single ticket has its charms. Which in turn explains the popularity of lotteries in India. Whether you prefer the Kerala state lottery, Nagaland state lottery or any other lottery for that matter, you play to win.

Lately, Indians have not only been playing Indian lotteries but also international lotteries. This is due to two things in particular, Indians work all over the world and the rise of online lotteries. 

The latter is becoming increasingly popular especially among India’s middle class. As they start to use more internet-based services they are starting to expect all their wants being available online, including lotteries.

Indian lotteries have sadly not quite yet made the transition to the web leaving Indian consumers looking for other alternatives. As many international lotteries have already moved online it is where Indian consumers now are purchasing their tickets.

Accommodating new habits

Indian entrepreneurs have caught up on the trend with several websites available offering tips and guides on worldwide lotteries. An example of this are guides like how to play EuroJackpot from India

This information-seeking behaviour is shared by both ex-pats and Indians seeking to try their luck on international lotteries.

Even though a lottery is indisputably a game of chance there are several methods or rituals that claim to increase your chances of winning. This is also a part of the charm of the game. The belief that one can change fate through strategies or a custom that increases your luck.

As with most things, it’s one’s understanding of a subject that makes the difference between success and failures and lotteries are no different making lotto related informational sites popular.

With an increasing interest in international lotteries, there is also a need to modernize domestic lotteries but only time can tell when that will happen.

Indian international lottery winners

Not only have Indians started playing lotteries from other countries but they are also winning. A Keralite who took a chance on a lottery in Abu Dhabi instead of the Kerala state lottery can now happily call himself a crorepati. In January in 2018 the Kerala man won more than 13 crores in the UAE raffle lottery.

And he’s not alone. The same year in October an Indian salesman won more than 14 crores playing the same lottery. Citizens of India are not only walking away with cash prizes either. A Punjab man won a Mclaren sports car worth more than Rs 2 crore in another international lottery accepting players worldwide.

The real big winners though are the Indians that have tried out their luck on American lotteries that are also available online. Hira Singh won more than Rs 353 crore playing Mega Millions.

Yet Hira’s win seems minuscule compared to Nandlall Mangals Powerball jackpot win in August of 2018. The construction worker won more than Rs. 1783 with his jackpot win!

With the increasing amount of Indian players looking to play international lotteries, you can expect to see more happy news about winners in the future.