New England Highway: Fresh Details Emerge About Horror Car Crash, CCTV Video

In today’s article, we are going to share some heart-wrenching news with you. From recent news, we have come to know that a fatal road accident occurred on the New England Highway. Yes, you heard it right. This news is becoming increasingly viral on the internet and is also attracting people’s attention. After hearing the news of this accident happening on the New England Highway, people have started asking many questions like when the road accident happened on the New England Highway. What consequences have emerged from this accident? Have the police released their investigation on this matter and many other questions? Let us tell you that we have collected for you the answers to all the important questions arising from this news. If you also want to know this news in depth, then for that you will have to stay with us till the end of the article.

New England Highway

As you all know the horrific accident that happened on New England Highway, Armidale has become a topic of discussion for the people. According to sources, we have received information that the accident occurred on the New England Highway, Armidale, north-east NSW, at approximately 6.50 pm on Saturday. Local people were informed about this incident and asked the police to come to the spot. The police, not ignoring the matter, gathered at the spot and launched a thorough investigation. The police shared some sad statements after investigating the case.

New England Highway

Police said that three people lost their lives in an accident that occurred on New England Highway near Armidale, in the north-east, and on the other hand, a 2-year-old child is trying to recover from the injuries sustained after being a victim of this accident. In this incident, David Lim and Sophie Florence, both 27, were traveling in a black Holden and suddenly their car collided with a silver Mazda.

Police identified the victims as Mr. Lim and Ms. Florence and a 41-year-old male Mazda driver who died at the scene. The silver Mazda car contained the deceased victim, 41, his wife, 37, and their 2-year-old child. The 37-year-old victim and her 2-year-old child are fighting for their lives in Armidale Hospital. This accident shocked everyone because no one knew that after such a horrific accident, its consequences would prove to be so bad. Today’s article ends with this, see you in the next new article with a piece of new news, till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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