New Mexico: Three Killed, Several Injured as Teen Shooter Opens Fire in USA

A horrifying shooting incident has been reported from New Mexico, USA. The incident has terrified the people so much. It has been reported that an 18-year-old teenager open-fired and killed three people and injured seven people including two police officials. The incident took place in Farmington, New Mexico. The horrific tragedy claimed the lives of three innocent people and injured many. Open firing by the teenagers in US has become so common these days that scary incidents of these kinds are all of sudden in no time as has been observed for the past few years. Who was behind this shooting and what the police investigated yet, we are going to share in the next article. Stay connected.

New Mexico

The reports are telling us that an 18-year-old shooter opened fire at a residential area in New Mexico on Monday and killed three persons. The police officials told that the gunman started firing on bystanders, and from where he came, an investigation is ongoing. After receiving the information the police officials were behind the culprit in no time and after confronting him for some time, the gunman was shot dead by the police outside a church. The shooting happened at around 11 am in the Farmington City of New Mexico. The suspect has been shot by the police and there are no other threats now as told by the police officials.

Three Killed, Several Injured as Teen Shooter Opens Fire

But the suspect’s identity is still unknown and police are trying to find that and also appealed to the witnesses to come forward to provide any information about the shooter if somebody has. The gun violence prompted security lockdowns at several public schools in Farmington, a city of about 50,000 residents. This incident of mass shootings has scared people so much that people are feeling unsafe. Farmington is a gentle area in town and no such incident has been reported for the past few times, but it’s a hub of rental people who come and go, so people remain unknown.

The City authorities are sending condolences to the families of the victims and shared their concerns also for the increasing gun violence in the US these days. The injured people are receiving treatment at San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington and are out of danger now. Police have not sourced any information about the shooter yet. The people of the New Mexico town are stunned and horrified after the incident and not feeling comfortable being outside in the city after the terrible incident. Further information on the incident is awaited and will be shared soon. Stay tuned.

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