Nicholson: US favors India’s military support to Afghanistan

New Delhi: On Wednesday, the top Commander of US and NATO in war-ravaged country said that terror-ravaged country, Afghanistan has required more military supplies from India including fighter helicopters because it increased its offensive last week against terror groups killing 300 Islamic State terrorists.


On his second visit in India, General John Nicholson said that India has been making huge remarkable contribution in strengthening the Afghan security forces. The US favors the military support of India to Afghanistan in fighting against the terrorists.

US Commander said that India has already provided four Mi-25 helicopters to Afghanistan. The country needs more military aircraft to deal with terror group Taliban and various other terror outfits in the country.

Nicholson Welcomed the contribution of India to restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan. He said that terror group in Afghanistan like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Haqqani network are not only a threat to Afghanistan but also to the region, including India. He also said that US was putting pressure on Pakistan to contain these groups. The Taliban also enjoys sanctuaries in Pakistan.

Nicholson told the media that we consistently encourage Pakistan to take action against terror outfits that operate from the territory of Pakistan and close down their safe havens.

The Head of the US operations in Afghanistan, Nicholson met National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar and Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar. He discussed on the issues including the worst situation in Afghanistan and terror threat to the region.


The US commander Nicholson said that Afghan security forces supported by the US. Both had launched a massive offensive operation against terror group Islamic State two weeks ago. In this operation more than 300 IS fighters were killed.

He said that In the duration of the operation, Security forces killed a number of top leaders of the terror group and up to 300 of their fighters. It is very difficult to count the exact number of killings, but this amounts is about 25 per cent of the organisation at least. So this represents a severe setback for them. It also reduced the territory of the terror group.

John Nicholson, The US Commander said that military training by India to thousands of Afghan security forces has helped the country in increasing its military capability which is in tune with the objective of the US and the NATO.