North Huntingdon Car Crash: Westmoreland County Road Leaves Vehicle With Heavy Damage

We are sharing with you the news of a horrifying accident that took place in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The videos of the fatal accident went viral and showed a car sandwiched between a tractor-trailer and a food truck. The images of the accident are scary as it seems the car just smashed between the two vehicles. The tragic accident took place on Monday. The accident occurred on Route 30 in Westmoreland County. After the accident, the traffic was disorganised and the road was closed for some time after the accident. Go through the complete article to get the entire information about the recent happening in Pennsylvania.

North Huntingdon Car Crash

It has been reported that a multi-vehicle crash occurred on route no. 30 in Westmoreland County. A white Ram Truck car can be seen badly smashed and sandwiched between two truck trailers. The crash happened in front of Burger King in North Huntington. The police officials and Highway Patrol Teams rushed to the scene. The White Ram Truck Car is completely damaged as the videos are expressing. It can be assumed, what could be the intensity of the collision. The videos are very scary. The car driver was disentangled with great difficulty and rushed to hospital. The Adamsburg Volunteer Fire Department people and the police officials in a large count can be seen at the accident site.

North Huntingdon Car Crash

As the car sustained heavy damage, it is unbelievable that the driver could be saved but the police officials have not provided any sort of information about the victim. The officials are investigating the cause of the accident. As the rescue operation was undergoing, the road was closed for some time. It is reported that emergency crews responded to the scene at around 12:30 pm. R10 also responded to assist Strawpump Volunteer Fire Department on the crash site. The man recovered from the car was in critical condition as per a county 911 supervisor. The man has not been identified yet. He was at once rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

However, it is not revealed yet how the accident happened as the road was not busy at that time. The truck drivers are safe and an interrogation process is ongoing. The images of the smashed car have been posted on Facebook and show the severity of the tragic accident. According to the fresh reports, the lanes have been reopened now. The traffic is smooth as the car has been towed from the accident site and further investigations are underway. Stay tuned for more updates.

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