North Korea: Kim Jong-un ready to send athletes to South Korea for Olympics 2018

North Korea: Kim Jong-un ready to send athletes to South Korea for Olympics 2018: – Kim sated reportedly that Pyongyang was open to speaking with Seoul only to discuss its participation in the Games, reported by Efe.

On the last Monday Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korean stated that his nation is willing to send a delegation of athletes to the Winter Olympics of 2018 which is going to held in the PyeongChang of South Korea.

On this Tuesday South Korea offered high-level talks with rival North Korea in order to find the cooperate on next month’s Winter Olympics which will take place in this South.

Seoul’s quick proposal is like a rare rapprochement proposal from the North for a day which previously offers the possibility of better ties posts a year which witness a nuclear standoff which is in the augment fear of war on the Korean Peninsula.

“The Winter Games is all set to take place in South Korea will which can be regarded as the best occasion for the nation.

It will be truthfully or honestly, we can expect that the Winter Olympics is going to succeed and people are also ready to have the readiness to take several steps, which includes the dispatch of the delegation,” Kim stated this line on the New Year’s Day when he was busy addressing the Yonhap news agency report said.

Kim told that Pyongyang was open to talks with Seoul where he can speak and discuss the participation of his nation in the Games, reports Efe.

“2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the North Korean regime’s establishment, so this winter game will be going to host by South.

This time this is also going to be important and significances’ as it holds something for the 2 Koreas, he said.

This statement by the North Korean leader was the first time the isolated Asian country which declared this as the official statement concerning its willingness to participate in the Games.

The game Olympics 2018 is all set to take place in the month of February between 9th to 25th dates.

While the game Paralympics will be held in the same city and going to take place from this 9th March to 18th March.