NRI Couple arrested for Murdering a adopted Boy For Insurance Money

NRI Couple arrested for Murdering a adopted Boy For Insurance Money :- In the last year 2015, an NRI couple adopted a boy child called Gopal. The couple has been arrested for murdering the boy that they adopted. The Gujarat police said that the couple wanted to take the insurance sum amount of Rs. 1.20 Crores they took as cover for their adopted son’s life. The police have lodged a FIR on Arti Loknath(53 yrs old) as well as her husband Kanwaljitsinh Raijada (28 yrs old).

Police Inspector of Keshod – Ashok Tilva said that the couple presently resides in London, United Kingdom(UK). The FIR is registered on them for allegedly conspiring to murder their adopted son Gopal aged 13 years.Police inspector – Ashok Tilva said that Arti and Kanwaljitsinh conspired with one Nitish Mund to adopt Gopal (13), get him insured and then kill him so that they could get insurance money. After his visa expired, Nitish also lived in London before shifting here. Nitish had planned along with the couple since 2015 to kill Gopal.

On Wednesday, in connection with the murder of Gopal, the police arrested Nitish. The role of the NRI couple was revealed by Nitish in the police interrogation. The 13-year-old boy died in a Rajkot hospital yesterday.

The police said that riding on two motorcycles, the unknown people attacked him with a knife. This happened on the evening of 8th February 2017, in Keshod in Junagadh district, Gujarat. A few days later the injured boy died at the hospital.

Police Inspector – Ashok Tilva said that the NRI couple’s adopted son aged 13, The hometown of Gopal was in Maliya. The boy Gopal was returning along with others Nitish, Harsukh Patel, and one Mahadev.

Tilva said that Gopal was living with Nitish. Nitish planned the attack and also hired two killers for Rs. 5 lakh each. He said that hired assailants attacked Gopal and Harsukh Patel after they came out of a vehicle at a pre-decided place at Keshod. We have initiated a process to arrest the NRI couple who are at present in the UK.