Oklahoma Hospital Shooting: Gunman Who Killed 4 People at Oklahoma Medical Office

On the internet, we daily scroll through so much news and undoubtedly sometimes we find it interesting, sometimes shocking, and sometimes strange. Well, you must have heard about crime news where one kills another and reason can be anything but recently news started surfacing on the internet and it is from Oklahoma where a man killed a doctor after he complained that he was having back pain just after the operation of his back. Well, people are getting keen to know about the full scene, so, if you are also one of those so be with us till the last full stop.

Four Dead After Gunman Targets Doctor

According to the sources, Dr. Preston Phillips was killed in Wednesday’s attack, according to Tulsa city officials. However, there were 4 victims and the names are Dr. Stephanie Husen, Amanda Glenn, and William Love, another name is yet to be revealed. However, the suspect later died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Just after the scene occurred it created a buzz, people started talking about the same everywhere. Although, the biggest thing after the scene was happened, it was direct raising questions against the law-and-order system of the city. One of the police officials stated that the man had purchased a semi-automatic AR 15-style rifle.

Oklahoma Hospital Shooting

Wendell Franklin the Tulsa Police Chief said in a statement “blamed Dr Phillips for ongoing pain” because of the surgery which he recently got done from St Francis Hospital on 19 May. The Police Chief continuing the statement he said “the man turned into suspect had called several times over several days complaining of pain and wanting additional treatment”, but when he did not get any response from anyone or authority so he decided to kill the one who is not able to kill the pain he is getting.

However, from the crime scene the authorities recovered a letter which made it clear that the suspect came to hospital just to kill Dr Phillips and anyone who got in his way, he had his clear intentions to finish them. After looking at the letter it turns out to be cleared that he only came to kill them and that too after planning at its best. Well, this much info is available so far on the case, although, investigation is going on and soon things will be cleared and clarify so stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates not only on the case but also to know more world news.

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