Shocking: Minor gang-raped in Mercedes in Hyderabad, CCTV Footage on Internet

Another day another shocking news and it is coming from India’s Hyderabad where a horrific incident has been shaken everyone and as usual a big name’s son is involved in the case. We are sad to announce that recently a minor girl in Hyderabad fell prey to gang rap where she was first molested and later became a victim of gang rape. The news has become the talk of the town because in the case MLA’s son’s involvement has been found so far and now the MLA is also surrounded by media and facing outrage.

Minor gang-raped in Mercedes in Hyderabad

According to the sources, it came known that a minor girl was first kidnapped and later molested by a group of boys who later raped her in a Mercedes car in Hyderabad. The police officials stated that all of the accused who are involved in the case are minors. Now it has become the hot potato because not only those minors who raped a minor girl are facing outrage but their parents are facing it more because the shameful act is raising the finger on the values and upbringing, they give their kids. Another thing which has been observed on the internet is, amid anger, people are saying that rich kids most of the time do such shameful acts in the society and as they are powerful, no action is often taken against them.

Minor gang-raped in Mercedes in Hyderabad

The shameful act occurred on Saturday and just after it happened a case has been registered at Jubilee Hills police station on Wednesday, June 1. Under section 354 of the Indian Penalty Court a case has been booked and the POCSO Act against the three accused involved in the incident. Believing to sources it came to know that the victim 17-year-old girl has been sent for a medical inspection and police have now altered the case and added section 376 (gang rape) of the IPC to it.

Well, it seems like the case will vanish soon and everyone will be freed from the case because an MLA can not let his son go to hit the bricks. According to the sources it came to know that the victim only identified one accused who is also a minor. Now, the police are investigating for some more clues in the case and soon the reality will come out, however, we can only hope for the best and justice should be served this time. Let’s see how soon will the justice be served, stay tuned for more updates.

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