Orlando: Violent Brawl Breaks Out at Disney World as Families Throw Punches Over Selfie Spot

The breaking news is coming from Orlando, Florida, a fight was seen over a selfie spot between the families. The fight was seen at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando. This news is going viral on social media after sharing a fighting video on the internet and getting much attention. This news is circulating all around the internet. A celebration day made a fighting day. People are searching for this news in huge quantities. Viewers are very excited to know actually what happened on the day. Why a celebration day a fighting day? If you want to know the complete information about this news so go through the columns. Let’s read in detail.

Violent Brawl

According to the sources, on May 17 a celebration day turned into a fighting day at the Walt Disney World. A big argument starts between two families on Monday. Further, the argument started around 2:30 pm. If you are searching for why the two families were fighting on that day so let us tell you that a family was shifted to take a picture to another family at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando. They asked to move to take photos of another family.

Orlando: Violent Brawl Breaks Out at Disney World

Moreover, the fighting video was also shared on the social media platform in which you can see how one family punching and pushing another family. In this viral video of Disney World, almost ten women and men are seen throwing punches and pulling at each other. As per reports, one family refused to take a picture. One member of another family pushed a man to the ground and started fighting in the garden. Further, a man’s voice heard who was saying did you see how it broke out? I was only going through the garden and then I saw this, some other person replies.

As per reports, the fight is under control. Disney Worlds is the happiest place on Earth. A small argument between two families made a big fight. People were seen shouting and pushing each other. Further, after some time the security officer arrived to control the fight and separate both families. As per reports, there is no charges have been filed against both families. If we talk about how many people were injured in this fight so there is only one person had injured and received medical care for a few days. Disney World community warned people if they do it again this time, strict action will be taken against them. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update you on the same site.

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