Multi-Vehicle Collision: Two Emiratis Killed In Horrific Accident CCTV Footage

We are sharing with you a piece of the horrible incident that has been reported in the United Arab Emirates. In a horrifying accident, two people lost their life. The tragic incident was a multi-vehicle collision that took over the life of two persons. The accident was so horrible that the pics of the burnt cars terrified the people. It can be understood by looking at the pics of the vehicles that what could be the intensity of the collision? The tragic incident happened when a truck lost control and collided with two cars and one man and one woman in different cars lost their lives. We are here to provide you with the entire information sourced from UAE. Go through the whole article to get the complete information.

2 Emiratis Killed In Horrific Accident

It has been reported that a massive collision of vehicles occurred near the port of Fujairah city in UAE. It is the only Emirati city on the UAE’s coast and is the country’s industrial and commercial hub. The tragic accident took place at an intersection (crossing road) towards the port of Fujairah when two vehicles collided with a truck. The terrible accident took over the life of a 17 years male and a 44 years old Emirati female citizen. Two individuals are also injured badly and are in critical condition.

Multi-Vehicle Collision: Two Emiratis Killed

The incident has shocked the city people and the people are shattered by the tragedic news. According to the reports, the truck was overloaded and the truck driver was driving at high speed which led to the loss of control over the truck and it collided with two cars subsequently. Fujairah police officials rushed to the site of an accident after receiving the information and started the rescue operation. Fire extinguishing teams also reached the spot immediately and took control of the fire that erupted due to the collision. Two passengers were successfully evacuated from the burning vehicles.

The truck driver and the driver of one vehicle were injured badly and have been rushed to the hospital. The 17 years old boy was with his father succumbed to injuries and the other woman from the second vehicle died on the spot. The families of the deceased persons are devastated and completely shattered by the incident. Fujairah police are investigating the case and have warned about the dangerous consequences of driving heavy vehicles at impermissible speeds and breaking traffic laws and regulations on both internal and external roads. Stay tuned.

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