Pakistan: School Shooting Leaves Several Teachers Six Dead Explained!

We are going to share this horrifying news that is from Pakistan. A recent incident has shocked people around the world. It has been reported that a group of gunmen entered a school and killed at least seven people including four teachers and other members of the staff. The news is viral and has shocked the world. The incident has been reported from a small town named Tari Mangal in Pakistan’s northwestern Kurram district. The terrifying incident has spread a wave of fear in the country. As per initial reports, it is suspected by the police that this incident is retaliation to an incident which took place in the early morning. Go through the whole article to get the entire information. Scroll down to the next page.

Six people killed in school shooting

It has been reported that a militant group stormed into a school and started firing which resulted in the killing of four teachers and three attendants of the school. Reports tell us that an exam was ongoing in the government school when suddenly the gunmen attacked the school. In the morning on the same day, a teacher was killed in another attack by the militants on the nearby road. And the same day also witnessed a shootout by the militants that killed six Pakistani soldiers. The police are trying to find out the probable connections of all three incidents.

School Shooting Leaves Several Teachers

It has been reported by the police that the morning attack in which another school teacher was killed is connected to this school shootout as the teacher killed in that attack was a Sunni Muslim and the other teacher killed in the government school are from the Shia community. Till now no militant group has taken responsibility for the attack. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif sent condolences to the families of the deceased People and condemned the incident.

All the incidents happened in the Parachinar area of Kurram tribal district in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province that borders Afghanistan. The suspicion is that this attack is a retaliation to the morning attack when a Sunni teacher was killed. However, the police are investigating rigorously. The police also informed that the students were in the classrooms and are safe. As this is a rural area that borders Afghanistan, there are many assumptions in relation to this incident. People all over the world condemned the brutal killing of the teachers. As the Pakistani Government is already facing challenges in the country, the recent militant attacks troubling the government more. Stay tuned for more updates………..

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