Petrol, Diesel Prices Cut Today; Check How Much You Are Paying

On Monday, the Petrol and diesel prices were slashed and gashed with the effect from 6 am, as per the website of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the largest fuel retailer in India.

In New Delhi, the One litre of petrol was being sold for Rs. 76.84, in Kolkata for Rs. 79.51, in Mumbai for Rs. 84.22, and in Chennai for Rs. 79.77. One litre of diesel was being sold in New Delhi for Rs. 68.47, in Kolkata for Rs. 71.03, in Mumbai for Rs. 72.65, and in Chennai for Rs. 72.29.

on Sunday, Post 3 days of hike in petrol and diesel prices,  oil marketing companies had kept the fuel rates unaffected. So on Sunday, one litre of petrol was sold in New Delhi for Rs.76.95, in Kolkata for Rs. 79.61, in Mumbai for Rs. 84.33, and in Chennai for Rs. 79.87.

In New Delhi, One litre of diesel was sold for Rs. 68.61, in Kolkata for Rs. 71.16, in Mumbai for Rs. 72.80, and in Chennai for Rs. 72.43.

How much is the relief today in petrol, diesel prices?

Suppose you are buying petrol in Delhi today, then you will pay 11 paise lower than on Sunday; in Kolkata, you are paying 10 paise lower than on Sunday; in Mumbai, you are paying 11 paise lower, and in Chennai, you are paying 10 paise less when this will be compared to Sunday’s petrol prices.

OMCs like IOC, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum revise petrol and diesel prices every day on the basis of global crude oil prices that is also regarded as the movement of the rupee against the US dollar.

Global crude oil prices

Globally, crude oil prices fell as concerns which are about supply disruptions that had pushed prices higher, eased. US crude dipped 0.5 percent at $70.64 a barrel while Brent crude was 0.7 percent lower at $74.82 per barrel, as per a report by news agency Reuters.

The government already permitted the OMCs to revise petrol and diesel prices on a daily basis from 16th of the last year, 2018.

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