In Donald Trump- Vladimir Putin meet today, Russia’s powerful message to West

Post some months of exchanging long-distance compliments, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have to take a sit together on the last Monday for their first ever summit, a potential political minefield at home for the US president which was regarded as the geopolitical win for his Russian counterpart.

Neither side will be expecting for the major breakthroughs from the talks in the Finnish capital beyond warm words, an agreement is all set to start which is for the repairing battered US-Russia relations, & probably this is a deal which will begin to talks on issues which are very important for the world like, the nuclear arms control and Syria.

These 2 people actually have been praised each other’s leadership qualities from afar, which also indicate the good beginning of the restocking their respective embassies and returning confiscated diplomatic property post a wave of expulsions and retaliatory action which are encouraged by the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain.

Ahead of the summit, both sides speak down the event, though, with Trump telling CBS he was going in with “low expectations” and John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, stated the same on the ABC’s “This Week” that the United States was not looking for “deliverables” and that the meeting would be “unstructured.”

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, told Russia’s RT TV station that he also had low expectations somehow. He would regard the summit as a success source if there was an agreement to merely reopen severed lines which are about the communications across the board, he told.

For Putin, the fact that the summit is even happening in spite of Russia’s semi-pariah status among some Americans and US allies is a geopolitical win as, in Russian eyes, it displays that Washington recognizes Moscow as a great power whose interests should be taken into an account.

For Russia, this is also a powerful sign that Western efforts to isolate Moscow that have been failed.

But for Trump, whose White House victory has always supported by 12 Russian military intelligence agents, as per the recent US indictment, and whose support is still being investigated for possible collusion with Moscow, the meeting is freighted with the all domestic political risk.

“We can say confidently that Putin’s political risks are lower than those of President Trump,” said Andrey Kortunov, head of RIAC, a Moscow think-tank close to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Putin has less to lose and more to gain because he does not have a domestic opposition, a potentially hostile legislature, and is not begin investigated like Trump. But if you look at the US media they mostly focus on potential risks. Nobody there really believes that any good can come out of this summit.”

In the 2016 US presidential election, A probe over allegations of Russian meddling has been clouded Trump’s presidency. Trump has denied any collusion and involvement with the Russians in his campaign and Russia denies which has been meddled.

The Helsinki summit is the capstone to an almost a week-long trip for Trump during which he has sown qualms about his commitment to the NATO military alliance, Washington’s so-called special relationship with Britain, and US relations with the European Union is often regarded as the “a foe” in trade terms.

Against that backdrop of this thing, it is yet to determine about what Trump might do or say next, his summit with Putin, that is consists of the one-on-one session with the Russian leader with only interpreters present, has both US allies and US politicians is tensed lest he makes hasty and sweeping concessions.

US fears

in the West, Some politicians, think that the summit is happening at one of the most crucial junctures for the West from the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union. Certain NATO allies fear Putin might seek a grand deal that which can undermine the US-led transatlantic alliance.

Trump has quoted that he will raise the alleged Russian election meddling with Putin but still he can’t expect to get anywhere, has spoken indistinctly about the possibility of halting NATO war games in the Baltic region, as well he told repeatedly that it would be good if he could get along with Russia.

When asked last month if he will identify Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, he said: “We’re going to have to see.”

On Friday, 12 Russians were also mentioned regarding the interfering in the US 2016 election, a development that prompted some Democratic leaders to call on Trump in order to cancel the Putin meeting, a demand he quickly dismissed.

The Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, said on the summit’s eve, that a political opponent of Trump, said he had told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the Helsinki meeting was a somehow a fault.

“First, I don’t believe the meeting should take place but if it is going to happen, President Trump must press Putin hard on the issue of election interference. He can’t simply raise it, accept Putin’s denial and then let him off the hook,” Schumer said in a statement.

“Second, the President must demand that the 12 Russians named in the indictment be sent to the US to stand trial. And third, President Trump should not agree to weaken, lift, or curtail any of the sanctions on Russia.”

Any Trump request for Russia is to extradite hacking suspects is somehow to fall on deaf ears, though, as the Kremlin, citing the Russian constitution has a policy of not handing over suspects wanted by other nations.

The several Western politicians remain angry over Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which is also backing of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, this also supports for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

Other accusations, denied by Moscow, is its meddled in European politics, which supplied the weapon that shot down a passenger plane in 2014 over Ukraine, and this was also behind the poisoning of the former Russian spy in Britain.

Moscow will surely love to have US sanctions – initially imposed over the Crimea annexation – which was eased and eventually lifted. But mostly people in Russia do not expect the summit to produce such an outcome.

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