PM Modi compares stalling parliament with Pakistan’s border cross firing to help terrorists

PM Modi compares stalling parliament with Pakistan’s border cross firing to help terrorists :- On Thursday, PM Modi , in sharp attack on opposition for stalling Parliament over demonetisation, alleged that they were trying to rescue the corrupt like Pakistan gives cover fire to terrorists to cross border. He also said that the note ban will expose the black money as well as ill-intentions of many party leaders.

After the demonetisation of higher value currency on 8th November 2016, this is the first time that Prime Minister visits his Lok Sabha constituency Banaras speaking at a function organised inside the Banaras Hindu University campus.

Speaking at the function organised inside the Banaras Hindu University, Modi compared the stalling of Parliament over the demonetisation to the firing at the borders by Pakistan to provide the cover to terrorists.

Modi also hit back at former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and former finance minister P Chidambaram, saying their argument that promoting cashless economy was futile due to poverty, illiteracy and electricity not reaching villages in the country “exposes” their own report card.

He took a dig at the assertions of Rahul Gandhi that due to low literacy levels in India, payments through cards, online transfers etc. would face hurdles, saying – I hope he does not say that I had indulged in some sort of black magic to make illiterate those who knew how to read and write.

And at last, taking a dig on former Finance Minister P Chidambaram over his assertion that online transactions could not find wide acceptance in India since nearly half of its villages were not even electrified, Modi said that whose faults is he pointing at. Did I uproot electric poles or snap cables in villages which had electricity,

Modi, calling himself – Kashi ka bachcha(a child of Kashi),  said that I am delighted to see that the power of this holy land has made me work and forced detractors to admit, even if unwittingly, their failures.