PM Modi is back in India after successful five massive deals

PM Modi is back in India after successful five massive deals : Indian prime-Minister Narendra Modi is back in India after successful his five-nation tour with five massive winning.



Today’s morning, The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are arrived at the Palam airport, New Delhi after completing his five-nation tour. at the airport, the most BJP leaders are going to receiving the PM Modi.

The Prime-Minister getting started his tour on the Sunday from the Afghanistan , Qatar , Switzerland and United States, Mexico .
The Prime-Minister started tour from the Afghanistan for the
‘India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam’ and he’s directly reaching for the Qatar on the same day to going for the second nation Switzerland.

In the Switzerland The Indian PM Modi get the meeting with the President of Swiss Confederation and leader businessman . After this deal PM, Modi turned for the United States for the meet with the U.S. President Barack Obama for the joint sitting of the US Congress. This is the fourth competing deal and then Indian PM Modi reached his fifth nation which is Mexico and or the deal with it. where he wants an entry in the In Nuclear Security Group (NSG) .

in a short-term the five successful deals with five-nation within the five days which is :

1. taking full support from the United States and Qatar to an end of the terrorism: India wants the full confirmation with the United Sates and Qatar for stopping the international terrorism.

2. exchanging the whole information related to Switzerland account and transferring to India : Its the ending of the Secure accounts in Switzerland from the Indians .

3. Deals for the Nuclear Security Group (NSG) : That’s the greatest achievement for India to the member of it by the joining with U.S. and Mexico. in Nuclear Security Group (NSG).

4. Import-Export license free goods technologies of the defense industries : With the U.S. where deals to license free good technologies are import and export between the India and U.S.

5. The India and US creation of the $20 million US-India Clean Energy Finance (USICEF) : from the both side are decided to $400 providing for the renewable electricity around 2020.