Pokemon Go master to come up with more Features in the Game

Pokemon Go master to come up with more Features in the Game : WOW! Everyone so much crazy about the free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Where Nick Johnson, who demands to be the first person to catch total 145 Pokemon monsters now accessible in the “Pokemon Go” smartphone application game.

Pokemon Go master not done with game, hopes for more features

According to the source reports, In the Brooklyn city,New York where the 28-year-old person, who points to himself as the “world leading Pokemon Go master” on his Twitter handle, declared last week he had completed his search following traveling over the globe for the smartphone game ‘Pokemon Go’.

While A Brooklyn person, Nick Johnson challenges to be the leading person to win total 145 monsters now possible in the “Pokemon Go” mobile gaming aspect and He tells, is not able to put away his smartphone just further and hopes for new stories.


Also, in the interview which is conducted in Tokyo on Monday, Johnson said I will positively carry on operating it. There’s still a few of the fabulous Pokemon they haven’t delivered still.

So I’m looking ahead to when they do that and I’m praying they continue to add some of the more asked for characteristics like player versus player fighting and more personal communication with other members. Whoever has a smartphone so the sense that Pokemon gaming is being a corner activity as it has been in decennary history is clearly no great right.

But an excellent process to the order of hanging out with colleagues and go farther and it’s a good reason to use for me yet, so I will be holding up the goods.

Aside from Pokemon species found universally, there are another particular to areas and Johnson tells his advice for other Pokemon hunters is to maximize the social perspective of the game and found online and offline systems to detect extraordinary monsters.