‘Pokémon Masters’ Releases Real-time Pokémon battles for with Famous Trainers to Mobile

The Pokémon Company has recently announced the most recent information on the new Pokémon Masters mobile game announced in a new livestream. Pokémon Masters is all set to get released in Summer 2019. The idea of the game as per to the creators and producers of Pokémon Masters is that to create a gameplay experience to not only assist Pokémon, but also to befriend trainers. There’s an artificial island at some place in the Pokémon world known as Pasio, which is where the mobile game takes place.

  • The game focuses on battles between trainers
  • The game also has 3 vs 3 real-time battles as well
  • Trainers aim to be champions of the Pokemon Masters League

Pokémon Masters will bring real-time pokémon battles to IOS & Android Devices

Trainers from every single region gather on this island in order to take part in the Pokémon Masters League tournament. In order to join in, players are going to travel as well as earn badges to contend and participate in the tournament.

You are going to meet a number of trainers along the way. Every single trainer has one Pokémon that travels with them, and this pair is going to known as a Sync Pair. Then you will have to team up and the teams of three will battle with each other team in order to your way into the Pokémon Masters League.

One thing that you should take considers is the Sync Pair’s roles in competition. A number of Sync Pair roles are Strike and Support, so be alert and careful while creating your team of three.

In order to capture the area as well as new battle mechanic, The Pokémon Company has also released an animated short which include some of the franchise’s most iconic trainers.

Well, there is not so much shown or revealed regarding the gameplay but as per to the livestream, it has confirmed that the battles are going to be in real-time.

Trainers on the other hand will also want to move very quickly using the Move Gauge. This gauge is also further split up into various segments, with a number of moves by means of up parts of the meter. This gauge will also fill up over a scheduled period of time.

In order to set free the immense attacks by your trainer and Pokémon, there are also Sync Moves that is similar to a Z-Move.

An additional feature of battle is Trainer’s Moves, which can be responsible for various support such ad healing as well as raising stats.

Many of the trainers that are already shown comprised of Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, Champions, protagonists and even rivals.

In order to know the Sync Pairs, look down here the full list which has also been confirmed to be in Pokémon Masters:

Red and Charizard

Blue and Pidgeot

Rosa and Snivy

Brock and Onix

Misty and Starmie

Thornton and Bronzong

Cynthia and Garchomp

Iris and Haxorus

Acerola and Palossand

Clair and Kingdra

Korrina and Lucario

Brendan and Treecko

Flannery and Torkoal

Barry and Piplup

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